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Double cheeseburger situation. Weird taste to it like the meat as you're saying, tasted like Meatloaf. That was a huge strike for me like, that's not what I want when I'm craving burger to tater tots cold. That was the problem. Onion rings are pretty good chili fries, kind of a mess. If we're. Being honest with ourselves, the Meg burger I thought was the best thing they had, but that's limited items. How much we can give for that cherry. Coke was nice. Shake at the end was fantastic, but they didn't present it right. They've got a real problem there. Man, like, aesthetically, they're supposed to be a fifties diner. They should go for it and another shying away from it. I'm sure you've talked about this, but it's a huge problem. Hard pressed to go higher than two and a half. Four, wow. Lower than that. Wow. Also I'll say two and a half. Four. That's all I got. By vacation land by John Hodgman available in paperback. You know what, Dave. Dave's are viewed just made me inspire me. I'm moving down to three, four, wow. Yeah. I mean, compelling arguments, and I agree with them. I think it should be. Just the fact that that orientate was so damn, good, listen, hey, if you're on him as meal puck and Johnny rocket. Greece pieces. You're lucky that fucking Orioles. Shake saved your ass or you in the rest of the rockets would have been cut. Good. I feel like people could just not listen to this episode and only listen to Dave's one minute review. Right? I mean, that's that's the secret of this podcast. It's it's ninety seconds of information. Out in two hours to edit on what you just said. That's hustle. You see. I'll also try to go quickly. Everyone's made great points about the the aesthetic, the removal of the fifties steam just indefensible and removed its identity. That alone accounts for a full fork deduction because that was like that was a big part of the Jani rackets experience. I'm gonna go there. I'm gonna feel like I'm in another time and it's just not there anymore. At some point in the past decade, they removed pie from the menu, which for me is a big strike because that was their standout dessert apple pie with a slice of cheddar cheese on it. If you like that that crazy variant which I did or you'd get Alamo, they had some good pies there. They don't have them anymore. They still have the shakes, though. The shakes are outstanding desserts. I understand the instinct to simplify their menu, but I don't think they simplified in the right direction. You. Yeah, fuck that piece of cheese on apple pie. You fucking freak like in aware? No, it's not some people like it's a regional variant that some people appreciate it. Let's say when I worked a lot. Lot of people came in for that and would often talk about how you can't get this other places. Right. I think they were moved a little bit a thing that they had that was specific to them. And again, something that inform their identity, I think that was a miscue that said, I never tried. It was working there because look gross. It is gross. You're a freak. Look if you like pie cheese on a pie hashtag cheesy pie. And if you don't like we're gal and if you don't like a cheesy cheese on pie hashtag Weicker is a freak. But let me say hashtags. Let me say this. I also forgot my leftovers. That's on me not on them, but it did dampened my enthusiasm for the place a little bit. I won't factor that into my score, but I just have to have I we had we had a bunch of leftover on your rings and tots and chilli cheese for those home. No, I put them in. I boxed them up and I left it on the table. It's a mistake. I make all the time. Unforgivable. It was really dumb. I do that all the time..

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