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25 tail on America in the morning, this last Friday of winter, bringing some snow for some. Here's AccuWeather dot com, meteorologist Matt Benz. This latest storm well, it's mainly a rainmaker, at least for most places across the eastern U.S. outside of the Great Lakes while there can be some snowflakes mixing in across northern upstate New York, maybe through the higher elevations of northern New England, mostly rain, but it doesn't mean we will not turn colder as we head into this weekend. In fact, a pretty significant cold shot of air for a good chunk of the eastern U.S. here through this weekend and once again, perhaps the frost or freeze thread across the southeast and mid Atlantic as we head into Sunday morning and perhaps Monday morning as well. But for today, mainly rain across most of the northeast and mid Atlantic for today across the southeast and south central U.S. from Louisiana, eastward towards Georgia. That's where we will see the risk for severe thunderstorms for today. These are the same storms that brought severe weather yesterday afternoon across the south central plains, especially around the Dallas Fort Worth area that got hit hard by severe weather here late in the day yesterday. These storms today will contain the threat for heavy rainfall damaging winds, but isolated tornadoes can not be ruled out as well. Again, mainly from Louisiana, eastward into Georgia airport today and that would also include the Florida Panhandle, watch out for those storms, be whether we're here for today. Behind the system, at least where it is colder across Great Lakes through the effort Midwest, there will be some flurries falling and maybe some snow showers as well downwind of the Great Lakes across much of Michigan, Wisconsin, as well as Minnesota, and some snow showers and sponsor across central Colorado into north central New Mexico, otherwise a nice dry mile day about time across most of the western U.S. that does include California, northward through Oregon, into Washington state, drive through tomorrow, rain returns over California on Sunday. As the nation's weather, I'm AccuWeather dot com meteorologist Matt Benz. 23 till America in the morning continues, I'm John trout. Treasury secretary Janet Yellen went to Capitol Hill to face questions about recent bank failures and other financial concerns.

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