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Well I've seen this. I've seen this moment intense deja-vu the worse of ever seen this moment I I saw that moment. I saw. I've heard you say the underwater. Yeah never I never said the underwater hitting Bro. Getting under the woman is heard him talking off air. I'm like my God. He's GonNa keep talking rigs is gonNA say. I thought we were recording. He's GonNa say stop. I'm not kidding dude. You're lunatic no but have you guys never deja-vu I've had to Asia okay. This is the worst I've ever had come on. Never never were. I knew somebody was going to say in certain situations around my. I've seen all this before but never to the point. Where like I was guessing coming neck unless like frank talks about the islands you needed to take something to that was fucked? You know what I've read videos was on it where I got a fifteen percent unreason video on air just the way. He buried his forehead into the Mike. Oh tell me more on his boom. I watched this video on it. That says that there's a part of your brain that like There's multiple party brain. Obviously one being like the present one being the pass and apparently with deja Vu like hits the past. It's like what's happening right now. Hits like the past part of your brain so feels like every moment that you're living in you've already experienced I. You know what I mean. Yes I get your logic. Yeah that's what this is trying to explain deja-vu like like it's entering the the. Oh I've been here before Party your brain me while you're literally living in arena. I genuinely thought I had been there before. It's one of the strangest feelings of human can have when it only happens. Like I don't know maybe happens. Happens more than other people but like you had it that severe. Sorry no no okay now so my brain right now. Things at that happened like a month ago. Like I'm like all the way that's just never been that at deepen deja-vu if there was that deep yeah mine is more it's Foggier. It's kind of like us all familiar. People will say things I was like. I kind of figured he was going to say at the beginning of this deja-vu talk recorded or no because there's no so people you know what we're talking about right now. No we kind of gave him that you had that they don't know. Yeah Yeah I guess they don't know what you had deja Vu about. No part is just deleted from so kizer conversation ended. He hung up and then we started talking about him Lurch said that you know I said that his key The conversation kids is always so unique in weird. It's like There's a weird cadence to it like it's out like ten seconds of silence and then you and then we like giggle and it's just like it's a very unique conversation vary and then lurch was like it feels like he's coming up for air underwater something like that and then at that moment when when he said that something happened my brain where I'm like. Oh my God we've had this conversation before I don't know if it was less than took the kids and then I looked at Jake was talking off air behind the MIC. Most confusing infusing podcast ever. So they should listen to. This stuff wasn't on credit. No exactly but then to get jokes after. Oh I got you know what I mean. Whatever uh-huh fucking mashed potatoes Bro? So then what happened. Was You essentially. Were like all guessing what we were going. I was look. I was so alert I was looking at that Jake and then I saw I looked at riggs biggest. He about to tell him that he thought that we were fucking recording right now. And then he says I thought recording right now and then we weren't and I was like I've been here before do deja-vu so fuck it is. That is to the point where I actually like. I'm going to have to look back to the last time we talked to kids. I think this conversation happened. I I would bet it's relatively tiddly similar because otherwise why would you. Where would that call? I don't know is there a term and maybe this is just a state of confusion but like when you have a dream and then you're actually in reality in your life that happened before no that was just my day. Is that just the state of dreaming. I don't know is that. What is there a term for that you're saying you dreaming means you're like awaken awaken the dream? You are actually able to take the memories from the dream and bring him with reality so like you'd like the next day you wake up you're like oh man. I remember flying around a Yankee Stadium. Whatever like it's thought like okay like you can actually do? Have you ever been in a dream where you feel you can do things. Yes they make decisions decisions. I never want to get it from those right right and that's sometimes terrifying terrifying. But sometimes they're a ton of Fox. This is why you went talking about sometimes. It's like most epic story Volta to can explain dreams. This is why you know whatever. Let's not get now we're going to. Let's talk about like you were talking about you. Die and then you dead right and we talk about like. There's just a science to everything. I'M NOT GONNA get to deepen his conversation but like I've always had this struggle as to grow up where it's like. What are you what happens after you die? And it's all going to happen to us and it's fucking daunting and horrifying no transplant. I just want to have a conversation about this. I don't know why I picked you out but I just feel like it makes your palm sweaty. Yeah so but like dreaming. I feel I can't be scientifically described like your brain. Your mind needs things that what what what you're making the face. There's a chemical in your brain that creates dreams through smoke GMT. That's I. Yeah the smoking. When you're listening to fucking he is literally wearing a deadandcompany? Sure yeah so the great salt and he's also said before. How would you know that I smoke pot right my my my point being like you like you go into another world in your brain you have ma you've thought like do ants and all these other animals they have like thoughts and dreams and like are the like I mean other dance sleep? I'm I'm just saying other things. Like do burr birds half to sleep at work. They work hard man. You tell me just worked out ever sleep in grade school. Well my buddy went on vacation. It's one of those things where I take care of a frog or whatever but I was the table and he gave it to me and I had to take care of this thing for like two weeks or something like that a deadly dad and anyways one morning I go on a dad or whatever and the thing was just dad turned over but I healed up. I didn't know I. My mom was a mom. She'll never forget as mom she was like. What like the temple sleep? No those things don't dream it's just like And I haven't smoked and I don't smoke weed any listen. This is probably Frankie so high right now. I'm just not. It's just like a weird field you know it's like you go into another world. How do you explain that I I love dreams? Are you a dream fan or a dream. I like dreams. But they confuse me and they also confusing where people they just like the idea of them. Confuses me like back I can be in another world mentally do aunt sleep. Yes they do but not in the sense. We understand sleep. Research conducted by James Cottle into sleep patterns of insects. Nineteen eighty-three three showed the ants. Have a cyclical pattern of resting periods which each nest as a group observes lasting around eight minutes in any twelve hour period. Talk get much sleep. They go off nothing crazy today. They're running on fumes pretty and you also think these people in their dreams that let's see people right you see. Oh I saw grandma in my sleep was that like people are confusing seeing a dream like right. All these things like like are always in my mind. Grandma dead realized yeah. It's still just Lak- mental image. Though what are you talking about I don't actually do you think your is it not just saying it's a mental image isn't right because it's like you you you experience it like it's re right. That's the weirdest part for me. Like sometimes I wake makeup and I was just playing for the Yankees in my. I'm in my head of me like I was just just weird. That you can consciously Chesley like be in that moment fucking weird. It's always weird too. Because like if you play for the Yankees in the dream would be playing Derek Jeeter Mickey Mantle and these guys and it makes perfect perfect sense or you never. We've talked about this with the tiger thing that guy can never like you never see the ball like when he's playing in front of Tiger like you you play for the Yankees but you can never quite get up bat like something happens. Like glove isn't like you're batting. Love won't like Velcro in your like in the locker room and they're like frank you're up it's happened to me with the islanders. Had Islanders Dream. They've invited me to come play for the team and I can't get my skates on more so somebody's coming over yourself. Can't get my skates on in the locker room. I see it looks like down his locker and I'm like in there like all right. Let's go to all the guys they all go out into the onto the ice and then I can't go out. I don't like her doctor. Listen to this they would think you have a real problem like there's something about not being ready but I think that's very common. I talked I talked about my recurring dream is playing the masters and I can't get the ball to stay on the first not right or or the minute I go to the club back like fucking like lightning strikes. The the the hunt behind me. And there's a big delay in play or like a accart comes through and there's a huge stoppage like I can never get off the first tee. Never we had the guy that wrote an email now. His recurring golf dream is like tiger. Woods is always like around around meets his family but he never gets to meet him. Tiger like comes to his his family barbecue and he's like in the kitchen rocking preparing for dinner and then when he goes out tiger just it's like he never gets to me so my question to listening because we have a lot of smart listeners that that know a lot of things is like explain to me. What happens when you like when something snaps in your dream and you are are now like I'm dreaming? How does that happen? Good question what scientifically what happens in your brain that allows as you'd like to drink you'll shit like I could feel. You could feel things you know what I mean like. I'm like lacing up my fucking skate. I feel fucking laces in the show. fucking in weird man. It happened to me recently. That was weird. Dreams are fucking weird. Yeah do you remember your dreams only when it happens once every couple of months. I'll be like wow yeah not always nine you remember last night. What you're doing now no idea you know? Yeah I mean you dream for hours and hours sleep for.

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