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Seven percent on you Nishel, deposit some of your accounts, can even, increase your income up to one hundred percent if you need it. For. Long term care my number is eight six? Six seven four nine. Seven two three three if you'd like my, free safe-money information kit and one hundred fifteen page safe-money book call me now eight six. Six seven four nine safe and I'll handle over to you I know many of my listeners right now are thinking I have never heard of safe-money products from the financial cable shows or my financial planner y'all so might be thinking this must be too good to be. True I. Hear you and I understand your concern but let me assure you the reason you have not heard about these safe-money products. Is not because they don't, exist, is, because, they don't, pay, agents, commissions out of your pocket from high fees year after year I get paid. Once from they rated companies and, I, never, get, paid, again and, nothing comes out of your money These products also don't make very good television they go, up at the market gains and they never go down with market losses these products are way too boring for TV TV personalities can't get paid their huge salaries unless they can fool. Their audiences into thinking that they really know. What they're talking about you only need lots of makeup and hair stylists to convince. People to risk their money in the market My approach is much different no fancy office no suit and tie no Mercedes-Benz pulling up your driveway I'm not here to impress you with me I'm here to simply show you a product that. Nobody else is going to show you and give you guarantees that nobody else will, tell you about. I understand that the first step. You take with me is just to, get information may save, money information kit is yours. To keep and if what I, have to offer you doesn't, interest you then we'll depart. His friends that's why always. Have to say, I don't sell safe-money. Counts, people buy them from me This is your retirement money and don't let anyone else convince you otherwise I've helped my clients move millions of dollars year after year and not. One of my clients has ever lost a penny due to market downturn they have, all made the. Choice to take control of their. Retirement future and retirement income for the, rest of their life, and stop rolling the dice. On their financial future isn't it, time you base your retirement..

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