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With the Jordan bowls, Reggie Miller's pacers, and Riley's Miami Heat were among the greatest in NBA history. Blood wars all packed into one ten year period. Since then, I've thought about that as an award. Most joy to the fanbase in a decade without a title. It just rolls right off the tongue. Steve, genius. The Knicks are clear winners in the 90s. In the 2000s, I think it's got to be the Steve Nash sons. So close so many times so many thrilling moments. In the 2010s, I think it's the OKC thunder with KD Russ harden and Ibaka making deep playoff runs and giving some all time great warriors and spurs teams. All they could handle, the grit and grind grizzlies, by the way, who never felt like real contenders earn a second place nod. My question is this. To me, the grizzlies win that award for the 2010s. I just need to get that out there. Actually, I agree, I agree, but we can discuss in a second. Steve's question is this. Which franchise do you think is setting themselves up to win this award in the 2020s? Would love to hear your thoughts on this unanswerable question. Meanwhile, keep up the great work. I love the show. Steve, this is incredible. I love this so much. Fantastic question. I'm gonna throw it to you well, first I'll just first, let us just let us just wax for a moment on the 2010s the grit and grind grizzlies. Shout out to mark Gasol, shout out to Zach Randolph, shout out to Tony. Did you watch the did you watch Z Bo's Jersey retirement ceremony? Yes, yes. I did too. I watched it. I was actually sobbing. Why you missed this person? People forget about Zach Randolph in the crazy career yet until he got to Memphis and it was like, wow, like these two entities, the city of Memphis and Zach Randolph, just simply needed each other, and they found each other at the right moment in their life, and it was a beautiful what happened? His relationship with Marc Gasol is just outstanding, it's so cool. And you talk about missing him. Zion fits this mold a little bit, but even then, like, Zach ridle feels like the last power forward in the NBA, okay? They don't make power forwards like Zach Randolph anymore. And he was awesome and they were fun to watch and they won some crazy playoff series like that upset over the spurs, and then they had other series where they punched teams in the mouth and expected them against the clippers against the they almost beat the warriors warriors to one up to one, 2015. Until they put bogan on Tony Allen. And they've just been a part of so many great playoff series and the grindhouse..

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