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Chris Paul is the most important player in the Phoenix Suns. He's going to be a Hall of Famer. Yeah, let's answer the Campo, who obviously his bucks team played. The Hawks was the most important guy from Milwaukee. Two time M v P. And then you have three young Largely uncelebrated relative to those guys. Trade or trade for him for like a doctor. Also gotta pick became cameras, which hasn't been amazing but rational, Great an elimination game. And the ability for the Hawks to make this run. And the fact that I think it erases the talk in the NBA, but Oh, my God, How could you give up, Luca? Think now clears a path not just for this team because you saw what they can do. Because now the pressure's off for that GM and that organization to go out and to do to Atlanta potentially what was John and Golden State? We've seen people go off the Spurs coaching train have success but not create the Spurs. We've seen so many people go off that coaching tree on the NFL side in New England from Bill Belichick and just fail. Absolutely failing. And now maybe we know because Tom Brady was actually the the talisman exclusively. We'll see. We'll see what New England does. It's very rare that people leave a celebrated place as an assistant coaches and assistant GM and Absolutely emulate the same style. They finally find their own path. Sometimes I think there's a chance that Atlanta is going to become the Golden State of the East. Trae young and they're imperfect comparisons, but I'm telling you, Travis Link. This is what he was looking for. Is there Steph Curry? He's a three point shooting machine who can create his own space in his own shop, and you can basically crumble defenses with his shooting prowess and create pockets of space and opportunity for other players to grow into stars. Kevin Herder was drafted to be the Klay Thompson Of that team again. These are high levels to try to achieve but man Heard her look really good. And in one game without Trae Young look like a star and the other games. Adam did not because it's a process and because as good as Klay Thompson is, he needs Steph Curry on the floor to be the best version of himself. DeAndre Hunter was literally drafted to be Draymond green. Now no one's going to be dreamin because he's such a rare talent. But man Atlanta is often running and none of this would have seemed true. I think none of this would have come to fruition Probably If The GM Travis line doesn't make the decision. To fire Lloyd Pierce halfway through the season. Look, it's It's always hard to fire somebody. I get it and it's hard to fire somebody have invested in and it's certainly hard to fire someone as a GM is the first person that you've hired One of things that I've never talked about on the radio at any length because it's There's no news event that happened just took to crystallize it, But I think it's interesting is how often the actual mistake first time GMs make. That cost them their jobs is the coach that they hire. Almost. I mean, David Griffin. His first hire as a head coach was David Blatt. And I'm not sure he's gotten better at that, as time has gone along, but that was not an easy thing to navigate. The cancer. He rose won a World Series a long time ago, but it took almost a decade under date more why Because he hired a guy named was a Trey Hillman. I can't remember the guy's name and I went and met him at his house in Austin. Lloyd pierces so well liked in the NBA. Is so well respected. I don't know him. But by all accounts, the accounts of people I trust. He's actually an incredible human being. I know you're supposed to just be cutthroat and right. Just business, right? The Godfather watching Godfather clips last night because you know, Hashtag America. I know it's not personal supposed to be strictly business, but that's hard to it's easy to do with mafiosos, right. It's hard to do with people you really like and care about. And that Schlink had the guts or was under the pressure or the desperation. Whatever it was to to fire Lloyd Pierce led him to Nate McMillan. And that Hawks team became a different squad. And they became the thing that I'm sure Schlink envision when you put them together, and that Hawks fans thought they had as they they follow this team and I've been weirdly obsessed Atlanta I'll just tell you what I've told you. They're gonna be great. I didn't call this. I thought they'd be a top 16 and a competitor. Never thought they make it this far. But here's why, I mean, I got lucky. Make the rounds an NBA insider all over the country to introduce myself to GM and players and executives and to see guys in person right and last year The last time that I saw a person before the shot now is the Atlanta Hawks. And so in some kind of weird way for me. They were a touchdown to normal life. It was the last time I saw as the last group of people. I talked to an organization. I really liked what I saw and what I heard when I was in Atlanta more than a year ago, and so I followed that team really, really closely. Every moment since it was the last time I actually got to do real on the ground Reporting, which is for me is really important. And I saw it. But if Schlink doesn't fire Lloyd Pierce, and he doesn't promote Nate McMillan McMillan doesn't turn out to be amazing. By the way. That's an accident. I think, Travis. Thanks A really good GM. He got lucky because you have to get lucky, too. And you go back to the Golden State Warriors. Is Bob Myers. A really good GM. I'm actually not sure. He gets all the credit, but I do know that they try to trade away Steph Curry and Klay Thompson for Chris Paul. I do know they tried to trade away. Klay Thompson for Kevin Love back when people would have done that in a heartbeat. The fact that they try to do those trades that make Bob Myers bad his job. No, you have to get lucky. You have to get lucky on top of everything else. You just do..

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