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Cooler than ever and everyone wants to start a thing and they have their instagram page and like. I said they probably have their shop store. Their Amazon drop shipping chip in and they got whatever and I just think someone like you that has such big experience and then has worked with so many people in this space like this advice. There's the problem is when something becomes popular. There's also a lot of people that don't really know what they're talking about in the space writing books and doing podcast like that so they have someone like you sort lord of giving these lessons and telling this. I think is really important and really valuable so the book is called that will never work incredible title. Thank you and the one thing that I just WanNa get right into because you keep mentioning it and I loved it. When I saw was essentially that no one knows what they're doing and I want to say a story of mine. I always for a very long time and I still try to still catch myself. Sometimes felt like everyone else did know what they were doing. I just I didn't I didn't. I like to sit here and say I didn't go to business school. I didn't go to Blah Blah but I always kinda felt like yeah but that probably mean. I'm you know what I mean. Everyone knows class yeah and so. I think hearing that from people like you is is so amazing. I think it's so important for young people to hear that early. Yeah I know that okay if I can start with knowing that nobody knows what they're doing and approach it that way. I can not ever have have that insecurity or that thing in the back of my mind but can you expand on that a little bit. I completely agree. No one knows anything. No one can tell in advance. It's a good idea badia so anyone who listens to your idea and goes that will never work call bullshit on them if they do not know. There's only one way to figure out whether it's a good idea and that is detriot riot or do it now tested or build something or make something you have to do that. The other important thing is this issue shoe of like this person's better at it than they know something than I do. It is so untrue probably the most important lesson to take away from listening to me. Leib Blather on for an hour or whatever it is that I am no smarter than anybody who's listening now. I'm not they're smarter than I am. Probably they're certainly probably harder harder-working but almost unquestionably better prepared than I was so. Why are you so much more success because I actually did something about it. I didn't sit and build this castle in my mind that four years later someone else does and I go. Oh I had that idea yeah. This guy had the idea and he did something about it. There's a guy named Nolan Bushnell who's was founder of Atari. Yeah and he has east quote that I'll try and remember it from memory. I'm not that kind of quote whip moth but he said something like everybody who has taken a shower has had an idea but is the person who gets out of the shower towels off and does something about it that makes a difference yeah and that is the key that it's not easy. It's really easy for me to say just do it. It's really hard because what you have to have the skill is to figure out the quick simple easy way to test your idea eh without actually doing it and we have time for a quick quick story everything yeah. I if you're okay on time we can go a little old cool okay. This is is fun. Yeah I love so we we were we were flailing and we were basically doing we had to do at the the beginning. The company took off. We had a hundred thousand dollars a month but it was all selling. DVD's and that was death because Amazon on was about to enter and we knew we had a business and so we go a crap was worse doing both selling running at the same time. It's impossible to complicated. Confusing customers. Titles were some rented by so we had this courage moment reset. We're GONNA walk away from selling ailing. DVD's in one moment turn the switch ninety nine revenue was gone and we've got to figure this out so we did that too. That's big courage moment yeah. Here's here's the story is that now were desperate and we have all these ideas we begin testing these ideas and I'm this perfectionist at the time so I'm making these beautiful tests custom photography arguing over every line of copy and stress testing the site and every link and then you take us probably three you weeks to build a test and that wouldn't work and we go we just wasted three weeks and see okay faster so we do a test in two weeks and fail week and then a test every day and then we're doing two or three tests today and as you probably can guess things are getting pretty shitty. you know broken links and the wrong photos of the watermark is in or misspellings and refreshing the site and didn't make a difference because if it was a bad idea that no matter how beautifully this test we had put together was still wasn't a good idea but it was a good idea then even the crappiest piece the crap customers immediately would raise their hand and go this. This is what I like yeah. They knew what the fix and the insight was that it wasn't wasn't about having a good idea. It was about building the system in the culture to test lots and lots about ideas and that is the key to you just do it is don't get caught up in this perfect thing. Do don't get don't you don't need the test everything try something and fail at it. Yup because the failure is learning moment and it's one learning moment sequentially after another that is the difference between someone like myself and the person who has the idea and just begins embellishing it in their mind adding as they start with a simple house and then all of a sudden they got the wing and the second story and the tar read the Gargoyles and then of course your castle. It's a castle millions of and then they're going. I can't do idea 'cause I've got a raise raise two million dollars. Alex hire thirty people. Go your knock that shit down and just do something yeah. That's why I also think. Perfectionism is so dangerous just because I've heard so. Many people say oh well. I'm a perfectionist as if it's like. Oh so you your special. Everything you put would out is gold and it's like man. I think ninety nine percent of the time if not a hundred it's a way to avoid taking risks and and it seems to work for you man and I think that like you know the game. I've learned so many times now. The game is how do you take as many risks as as you can handle to be able to find the thing not to never take them or not to take one shot a year but you feel like it's perfect perfect. The it's a quantity it's Dr throwing more game than but I've just I feel like so. Many people are trapped in the label themselves perfectionists as if it's there's something to be proud of in fact the by Vice. I've never actually given it. This way is be an imperfect honest yeah. What's the key being imperfection. Yes it's fascinating man. I think steal that from you. Yeah take it. I mean you dug it out because I think that if you really look at your story you can see this personality trait runs all the way along meaning to me going and taking job you know I going for for geology then going taking this job then in the mailing figuring that out then you never took yourself too seriously. It doesn't sound like I think a lot of people back to my question. In of how did you find your purpose. I think there's sixteen year olds out there that WANNA just put their flag in the ground and say I am this and I want to be the best of this and it's like they're afraid to even and be maybe fired from a job or maybe not good at something. It seems like that's just something I'm really grabbing onto is your whole story has been about try and stuff and seeing what works and not taking anything to I haven't I haven't really thought about that way. You're absolutely right. Yeah I mean I I'm jealous. Sometimes my kids had friends like in even elementary school and you know look I wanna be a vet and God bless them all the way through high school. They're going to be a vet and they caught him. I'd be a bit and I go wow that is so cool. That person knew what they wanted to do and they were like eight and it stuck but boy I sure wasn't me and it's not most people and that's why I was reacting like going. Just chill. It will come if you take some risks. If you try a lot of stuff yeah yeah and it's and once again it's fascinating to me how that same lesson the same lesson that applies when you're starting a business tomorrow applies when you're Netflix and you're already very successful and you just need to try a new website out or whatever it's the same thing we put people might. He's smart. You know I am like you. Almost all of my ideas were bad ones but I tried a whole ton of bad ones and the sequential learning came from all lows bad ideas eventually meanders. Its way into something that works so it's a it's a it's a it's a it's a cool story. I mean it's non intuitive. It's lots and lots of false starts but has happy ending is shared as man what how many people would you say you. How many small businesses are startups to do work with now. Four I can really my model is I used to do. Something used to be an adviser. uh-huh which is the most the worst word in the world yeah because you come in and you do this pattern recognition thing and use dispense some advice then you leave and it's completely unsatisfactory to the person who asked the advice and completely unfulfilling you and you so much looking models. I abandoned that eh go. I've got to be deeply enough immerse. I've gotTA understand the product and the market and the competitors and the employees but mostly. I've really got understand the founding running people so you to invest that amount of time. You can't do very many so I'll I'll do. Three to four is probably about what the right numbers. The number is and some of them when they work then go on for a long time someone they don't work..

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