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Never sat through baseball. Like it's it was a lot to. Alberta. Since you have your scorebook that you would have taken her to some mets games and teach taught her how to keep talking. I haven't done that. I've probably but burn the whole point. Having a child is brainwashing them into your interests. Yeah one of those parents that lets her have her own. Interests brought my Oh my copy of nineteen seventy summer. Seventy-six Dynamite magazine. Your copy. Yes so let's get into a little interesting story here So burning I or both collectors of Pop Cultural Ephemera and a few years ago. I think I happened to mention to Bernie. I don't know how I think I'd I purchased a fairly complete set of dynamite magazines on Ebay and I used to have them in my binders here. But I moved my a lot of my power eligible ephemeral storage so I had some bound original copies of dynamite magazine and think through that and I started talking maybe on facebook or something about like oh I too love dynamite magazine and this that and the other and I said Oh there's some great. Where'd you get the you asked me? I'd gotten them and I'll tell you the story from my perspective as what really happened. So I'm telling you well on Ebay I got a batch of them. They're in pretty good shape you know. Got Them in slip covers. I'm actually at my eye on another set of them. You should take a look at them so the next thing. I know I go back on Ebay to to snap up this last remaining trove of dynamite magazines. Guess what Bernie bought them right right. You're Kinda like in this analogy okay. I'm Michael Jackson. Your Palm No I'm Michael Jackson. I'm Paul McCartney and I come to you right. Doesn't Paul McCartney famously go to Michael Jackson? How about for some advice about whether he should purchase right the early part of the Beatles catalogue and the next thing that Paul McCartney noses he makes the call to make the purchase. And he's informed. Oh No I'm sorry. Michael Jackson just outbid you for that was Michael New. I was trying to sort of get control and then I kind of said he was joking. I work with them and say I'm GonNa get you wreckage. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa get you songs. I'm going to buy your sons and I'd say love it joke? Anyway he ended up. Doing this is a blame him. You know there are on the market right you. Michael Jackson to me on dynamite magazines is that true. Is that a true telling of the story. Parts of that are true. But what's your recollection? My recollection is that it. It wasn't dynamite magazine. It was spy magazine. Okay that's true. You're right you're right. You're right and my district edited out. I think I'm getting. This is what I live for is that we were working on a show. And the we that we were part of the direction we were given was to emulate something from spy magazine. This my recollection of it and I had I had pass that information along to you. Okay but when an I I already had a bunch of spy magazine including the the a set of the from the first year Yup and best year right and I pass along To you that that spy magazine something that we were being asked to take inspiration from from the show and that I started looking for anything like that that I started looking at it on Ebay Then you told me that you're looking at it on Ebay. I had already been. You bid a certain amount for this set right and then it was getting close to it being Auction being done in my memory. Is that you you had been outbid and that yeah by you and that I out that I outbid the person that outbid you so you could argue that I should have given them to you or I should have called you and say. Hey you're getting outbid did so. I love the isolation. I this only happened a few years ago. I'm pretty pretty sure this happened. I don't think we were working together on you. Should we were working on something and vh? One Yeah I don't know about that Bernie. Was there back in each one day. Come on this is where your story falling apart. Or you're the one that said it was from Dynamite magazine so I call your whole well. That is true that I miss reelected. I'm sure see when it started founded in one thousand nine hundred five okay. So well I my recollection is that this happened something more like four or five years ago. Yeah way so then. Do you remember what I did? After I bid you I do remember yes. You did something kind. I gave you the whole I share. Which is really. That's the only year to really. If you're going to collect spy magazine but I do I do. I do have a certain amount of guilt for that. Then you send me men. I think he sent me well. Okay so then I think what I I think in by the way I try to do the thing where I where I were even though you snatched away this prize at I wanted. I think the next thing that happened was I recall purchasing for you a obscure cubs autographed photo. Do you recall that My memory is that it was years later that that I had posted something about that. There was a a check correct The incredibly weird piece of baseball memorabilia. A pitcher for the cubs. Milt Pappas who pitched a no hitter? That they had his checks that were written. It was like kitten checks. That were written publishers clearinghouse and I just thought it was such an oddball thing posted on Ebay saying like please somebody outbid me on this and that you bought it for like Super Super Generous. I still have it. I thought it was like you know. I think I even got you lose. Sight collective showed up at the time. Now when we working together. Then I don't think so You must be right about spicy. I'm sure you have a better memory than I do but I do. I do bring this back. I think outbidding each other on Ebay for cultural member. Probably you and I are the only two people interested in is a good little lifelong kind of Ballet to participate you know and look like where am I spy? Magazines there in storage right. Am I enjoying them? Daily no you have a dynamite magazine. It was a big dynamite subscriber as a kid. This came to my address in Dalton where my family lived in nineteen seventy sixers. The profile called date with tatum. It was She was promoting bad news. Bears K. Who she on a date with other axel strange but okay so says we visited tatum. On the Sandlot were bad. News bears latest movie was being filmed and then she plays a girl pitcher on a boys baseball team but even tatum admits that as a pitcher. She's way out in left field. After two weeks of batting practice. You struck out in the film. You'll see tatum doing wind ups and close shots. But in longshots the throwing will be done by two doubles. Both boys and wigs so little inside information for the dynamite readers time then later on the set for bad news bears. Tatum kept to herself most the time on the only girl in the movie and boys my age don't like girls much. I'm not having a lot of fun on this movie but I enjoy acting. Sometimes it's hard work but it's something to do now that really like You don't like hearing that now. It's like you think you know this this thing. It's like you go into this movie for two hours and you think it's like the most magical thing and you know you imagine that the media have it. Is this joy for everyone. And then in a in a magazine Tatum. O'neal is like now. Now you know it really like for a while but don't you think that that sort of dynamite bringing you the truth like you might not want to hear it but maybe it's good for you to hear that Kit was? There was something similar where I was really big. Fan of all of the Disney live action. Russell movies when I was a kid. Have you seen those Kurt? Russell Live Action Disney. You GotTa Watch them. I mean you're talking like before it's like post escape to witch mountain era for yes late sixties early kid. Kurt Russell like early twenties late teens. Well what are some of them barefoot executive where he works at a TV station and he finds a chimpanzee that can pick popular? Tv shows. he's GonNa make it through the top crazy moving grew again. Just won't stop.

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