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Merge here in survivor, David versus Goliath on a little upset that my made the merge. The jury didn't happen. Yes. Nicole did predict somebody would make the merge, but not. Make the jury kind of crazy prediction to make it did not come true. Yeah. Okay. But Nicole's winner pick Dan still alive out there. Still allies hanging. Are you feeling okay? About him. His name got thrown out last night. He saved himself. I guess I'm trying to be positive. Ok to idols is to idols. Not sure if he knows how to use them hanging in there. Okay. Hanging in there and his pants. What does that mean? Aduls? Okay. All right trying to keep it together. The I try to keep this a serious show. Somewhat serious. He put him in his pants. I didn't put them there. Okay. Call. We have had some great podcasts already, Stephen. And I got into everything on the survivor know at all about that vote. What did you think was going to happen at the tribal council? It was kinda crazy. But I was pretty sure that Elizabeth is going home you felt confident mostly because I was spoiled onto. Okay. So that that'll help that'll do it. I spoke with Elizabeth this morning on the exit interview podcasts, and that she was she was really fired up. Yeah. I bet she's really I didn't get a chance to ask too many questions. She was just she was kinda shot out of a cannon and love that. I love it. But I had a lot more more questions that I wanted to get to. So I feel that I didn't get into everything I wanted to talk about with Elizabeth well, then you got to invite her back on well, I would love to either. I mean, I think that she was a big character on the show that she was very fun. And she is who she is while I don't think that that is the best in terms of gameplay. I appreciate that. In my TV characters, you know. I don't feel like she's trying to necessarily give you something that she's not, and that's good casting and find finding Lisbeth and getting her on the shell. But did rub. Some people the wrong way Karl especially. Not a ton of love lost between Elizabeth and Carl. Yeah. Who was my winter pick? And he's looking he's hanging in there hanging in there. He's got drunk last night. Now will I thought that you could relate to that being drunk? I was I was drinking some wine last night when I was watching and Carl he had a couple of beers. And then started telling everybody that would listen. Hey, let's throw it out Elizabeth which ultimately did go with said a little bit poisoned goes a long way tomorrow on the podcast. I will be speaking. With the mayo jar LA LA mic Myer, Anna. We'll be here. I don't know why you have to say that at Nick Myer ano- is going to be here to get into all of the feedback from survivors of first episode after the merge Nick was a big help in your birthday amazing race. You was why what did he do? I was in correspondence with him throughout the entire time. You really help. He's a good guy. Very excited to have him back year for for this. My my original idea was I wanted Nick to come up here and host a podcast with the co host. And then we were talked to a guest. But then I felt like that the guest would be offended that they had to share their podcast with Nick everybody getting offended these. I look, I don't know. I don't know navy some that maybe we'll find a guest somebody down the road this. Hey, I don't mind being having a joint interview between you and Nick benefit was a woman, and it was video they wouldn't mind being interviewed by I don't know. I don't think you should speak for all women on that. You might be on an island with that one. So we'll we'll say. Well, I'll talk about it tomorrow on the feedback show with Nick, but we're gonna call Callan in just a moment..

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