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So hhs put out a quote unquote factsheet end of last week and then it had instructions for how a parent might go about trying to figure out where their their child is and it's a phone number you you'd have to call collect and when you call that that number is sometimes it takes several you know ten minutes just to for something to come up and and it rings and rings and so it really again i think this is one of those instances where there's just a lot of questions surrounding the structures in place for reunification and how that even happens it's certainly one of the biggest questions that we have here out in marfa a little bit also about the protests itself who was there we're seeing reports of the occasional senators or congressmen trying to get into get access to this how much of that as a political stunt versus actually trying to get in i guess remains to be seen but you were on the ground with protesters tell us about that yeah it was there and so this event kind of started it was really spearheaded by congressman better or rourke from texas but as we were arriving you know there where people wearing you know better rourke shorts but a lot of the people that were organized you then ask them to turn that shirt inside out because they didn't want to make it seem like a campaign event they wanted it to be more about the family separations and the actual events happening at the border right now so you know as i said you know better rourke was an elected official that was there so was americans invalid she's a state representative and her district includes store neo and there were a couple of democratic nominees who have racist coming up in the fall since carlos that they're getting anything done because i feel like that's really the frustration there's a lot of talking and nothing actually happening as outcry grows over the trump administration's policy to separate undocumented immigrants from their children at the border department of homeland security secretary kierstead nielsen address the national sheriff's association in new orleans earlier today there has been much outcry consternation frankly misinformation for many in the press in congress advocacy groups over the last few weeks that we dhs are intentionally doing things that are unhumanitarian that are cruel immoral and disgraceful we aren't doing none of those things we are enforcing the laws passed by congress and we are doing all that we can in the executive branch to protect our communities secretary nielsen pushing back against the criticism saying that the department quote does not apologize for the situation in the first month and a half that the.

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