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From a Facebook group standpoint, everything cathlene new said, I would follow to a t-. I agree with everything. She said about the Facebook page, as well, I will say that there is, you know, there are people that will make an argument that Facebook pages are not dead. Right. And so that particular person that we've most recently had that conversation with is Amanda bond from episodes, sixty six of the podcast. She has a lot of great tips and strategies to increase in gauge meant and get more going on. And specifically what she views Facebook page to be now, she does not have a group. She intentionally made that decision, but this has to be a personal choice, and I'll get to I'm more the tactical side of this conversation. So we'll get there. And just a second also wanted to make sure that you knew about two other webs wellness business. Cast up Assode 's that we did about Facebook groups so one that I really picked Kathleen brain, which is a bestowed forty two. And then we invited a leash streaker on for episode twenty five I'm will link these up in the show notes for anyone else that wants to go check them out if you haven't already or he want a refresher because these are all great resources, and and great ways to build your group getting Gaijin near group, and and really talk about where these both the page and the group fits into a business model for a wellness business owner, so from a tactical side as far as what a page does for you over and above what a group does for you. You have to have a page to do paid advertising, which is whether you're ready for it at now or not I think it's a critical part of any business that at some. Point you're willing to pay for advertising. You may not have all your ducks in a row yet. But the goal should be at some point you do. So you have to have a Facebook business page in order to do paid ads. So tactically that's a good plan. Secondly, if you can use the things that Kathleen said and start getting at least a little bit of engagement on your page. There is this beautiful thing called Facebook insights that will give you some information on the people that are coming to your page. So the more, you know, the more you grow, right? And so if you kind sir taking okay, who's who's the majority of the people that are looking at my page what times and days are they on more regularly because because I can guarantee there is a sliding scale of days and times that they're on. And then star. Art, gearing, your your posts around those things, and like cathlene said inspiration is definitely a great thing. Education is a great thing asking questions to get even just the little a little bit of engagement can get that momentum started. So a Facebook page certainly has a place in your business. Even if you're not spending a ton of time there it gives you insights, it allows you to go into the Facebook ads dashboard. And there's so much research that you can do there on your on your ideal. Client, incredible research. I think we've talked about that on other podcast episodes as well. And then also it gives you the ability to advertise and all of which should be heart of your overall umbrella for your business model. So I'm a little more tactical from the standpoint of analytics and Kathleen little more tactical from the standpoint of where it fits into your business. But I think I think you should have both personally. Yeah. I definitely think so too because they do they serve very different purposes. But I know it's confusing to a lot of people will what do I post on one versus the. The other. So I hope what I explained made sense. Oh, you definitely want to have a presence on your page that when someone comes to visit. They see oh, you have this these great blog posts on here. This looks really helpful. And then you kinda wanted to side where you're going to spend more of your time. For example, if you're doing live streams, if you only have a page make.

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