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Ireland will be there. And then we'll be there show coming out. We'll be there from six AM till seven pm. So it'll be good time. I promise. So. And again, you guys have always done just an awesome job of just attending all the station events, regardless of the show. Whether it's this show or Mason in Ireland or the morning show. So we always appreciate you guys showing up and showing out the way you do. So hopefully that'll be the case again tomorrow. So here's our poll, Andy, and you can vote at Sadako ESPN of these options. What is the best single person job bartender club promoter DJ or beach lifeguard bringing up the rear right now club promoter at thirteen percent. Followed by beach lifeguard at eighteen percent. And now it's neck and neck between DJ and bartender. DJ? Thirty two percent bartender thirty six percents so feel free to vote at Sodano ESPN again that bartend in life at least for a while. It's pretty fun. Yeah. Now, let me ask you this. Have you ever really been someone who coveted chasing a foul ball at a baseball game? No, I I've never personally wanted one that badly. But that's just me. I there are a lot of people on it, isn't my thing either. Like, if it's coming my way, like, obviously, I'll try to catch it, you know, because I don't want it to break my face. But that's pretty much the deal. I'm not running it down for someone going on. There are people that actually pick their seats based on what they think is really gesture of get either getting a home run hit tumor foul balls. Like, yeah, I've read about that before like people who sort of look at the science of this and try to figure out where their best place is to be to get one of those balls. Okay. Interestingly enough now you saw what happened to the dude at the. Giant yesterday. Yes. So to foul balls went his way. I mean, it was pretty insane. Because he was in the outfield right or in that general region like not close to the field. And the first time he dropped what his French fries. Yes. Yeah. Now, then this rise, right? Was nachos. But I believe there might have been some fries too. I don't know. I saw the video. But I don't remember. There was a lot of stuff falling. But he caught that one. And then the second time around he had to pizza in his hand and the pizza fell. Now, this is where I felt terrible because I've been this person before where some clumsy ass spill stuff on you. So he spilled his pizza on this poor lady who allegedly was wearing white pants or something. So that and she was a good sport. But man, like, I how do you? Just got one already man. You know, what I'm saying like like, let someone and you almost fell and hurt himself on his first foul balls. The gateway drug George Wright born to once you get one you start you start getting a taste of what that foul ball. Is you want more more and more and more? When you said, by the way, George that you've been in that position before were you the spill or the spill, no this I've been spilled on like, I'll give you an example. So I did game one of the raptors who live in the first round Orlando, right where DJ Augustine hit a game winner. Right. And in that game. I want to say, right..

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