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And so would it would there be any reason for bread to really jump to that other side? I feel like if he comes to the realization that the makeup of this I resume, that's what he can take on that side. The bottom of level six, be blunt about this also ever since his buddy Winston went, I feel like he did kind of fall down the totem pole, but then at the same time, he probably. Feels comfortable because he was up there with other level six members twice with saved both times. So he feels more comfortable with them right now also to add to that. I don't notice this in his DR tonight. Once you find case you now I know where my loyalties level six ally die. We got this. I feel like it was kind of he was riding in line and be event that they were going to get some kind of problems this week. You would have done what he needed to do for himself. But since it was fine, he was like, you don't have to deal with this moral. I'm up for other week. Many just clarify my point in that. I think that if that, if this had a strategic reason behind it, I could get behind it even if they're going back to their lines. Like he's so ridiculous. I can't believe I would make, or I can't believe she would make a final to like, for example, if he made a final two with Hallier with Scotty or someone like that, and that was to further their own game, and then went back to the group is like, I can't believe she's falling for this. However, with rockstar, it's like they're already planning on voting her out of the house. There's really no strategic benefit for doing this. It just makes rockstar look bad. It makes them look bad, true rockstar, once they vote her out and they see in the the goodbye messages that they're mocking her. I mean, it just there's no strategic benefit for it. So I could see strategic reasoning for doing it for other situations and I can get behind this one. I just I don't like it if there's nothing strategic and it's more just to mock the person. I don't like. There's a question from Tauran on Twitter, which was dumber a Bailey, exposing her power or rockstar telling Tyler. The answer. Melissa, do you have a strong take on this one. I think that Bailey exposing her power was just such a bad move. I think she was in such a good place before then. And you know it's, it was something that maybe she says, it's not intentional, but that was, I mean she told her about it and that came out of her mouth. And yeah, she wanted to suck it back in. But like you know, Rockstars thing was just checking the answer. It wasn't like Tyler. You're wrong, go down there and go fix it like you need to get the right answer and help really helping him. It was more just like, hey, is this right? What's going on here? Failures is more deliberate and she just just that was just so bad for Bailey. So I would say that definitely Bailey revealing her power was worse. I think that Bailey's game ended more prematurely because of mistake. Then I think that rockstar, I don't know if she was going. I mean, even if she delayed the inevitable bio week. I think that it didn't really change too much for the ultimate outcome of the season. Yeah. I feel like this is a situation where Bailey had a power up until eighth eight. She could've used this. You got to replace nominations with no one. Knowing she told the one person she told initially, we were kind of like, ooh, fancy offense. He kept it to himself. Then she went to someone on the other side and told them not even one of her other alliance members. So that was a red flag. I feel like she had too many opportunities to many things. You could have done with that and she did it. Whereas rockstar had a one in three chance at veto and still ended up being at the of one in two chance at Beato. So ultimately, all she really did was change your potential opponent from Tyler Haley, and that may have benefit or, but like you said, rob, it would have been a week maybe, whereas Bailey had win equity to some degree that you lost..

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