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Joe it felt about the same. I know supposedly a little warmer, but it's still cold this morning. Hey, it's what was it? What was the difference eight degrees? But it's still it's just it's just it was very cool. Yeah. It's going to warm up a little bit more get into the twenties today, and they're saying forties and fifties by Sunday and Monday might even touch sixty by Tuesday, which is just nuts altogether. Let's get a couple of warm days of February gift get through February. We're on our way. So as you it's it's Saint Patrick's Day, that's your that's your marker the end. I don't care how cold again how much snowy winters over because you don't remember anything. Do you feel that Super Bowl excitement? Can you just feel it? I'm not exciting. Sorry. Yeah. I go. Our big three stories. We got a deadlock. What a shock Nancy Pelosi says there's not gonna be any more money in the in in the legislation and Donald Trump says there's no wallet doesn't work. She's just playing games. So if there's no wall, it doesn't work. So there you go. So February fifteenth is the deadline for the government to be shut down. And right now impasse, also the big three sorry taxi. And for hire writers. You're gonna have to pony up more below ninety sixth streets a judge made his ruling yesterday. We don't know exactly when this is going to start right? You know, but it's going to happen. There were supposed to go into effect January first right? The taxi owners went to court the got an injunction that injunction has now been lifted. So if my math is correct just to get in the yellow cab before you even move at six bucks and rounding out the big three a couple of big sports stories. Of course, you've got Sunday's Super Bowl hooch is a close to a national holiday these days in the Knicks blowing up their team who are these Knicks. I place from anymore. They're all gone. They're all in Dallas, Warner wolf's going gonna join us at seven forty he'll sort it out. Well, we plan to have a moment anyway, you know, before the Super Bowl. But so at Warner says about those Knicks the only person I knew on the Knicks was Kristaps forcing you knew him. Hartaway. I guess you'll he's gone to anyway traded away for guys we'll get into that. And oh coming up at eight thirty one more chance for you to win tickets to see Santana and the Doobie brothers. They will be playing in our area and at eight thirty we will play name that tune. Does not the song. We're gonna play. But we do know that either Santana the Doobie brothers. What he's saying I'm gonna guess Santana. I guess it's called evil ways. What do you think that was a very good guess? So at eight thirty.

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