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Why else would you be so terrified and running around like you know wanting to leave town pregnant all these fucking other rabbit. This is what he can't child support. That's that's why he's in prison at the beginning. Gotta keep them away from fucking all these cats prison. I've been there and he talked dante. Look i tried as best i can. But you got to cut it off seating. Cut it off. So he gets arrested like the the the big thing is revealed and he gets arrested and now he's in jail now. He's in jail. Meanwhile humpty dumpty is kind of like the hero of the town because he's like. Hey everybody we got this golden goose that we stole everybody's getting golden eggs now and you got an old goal inelegant you got a golden egg. You know if this movie is at its best ever is. It's a at the part when The reveals that he was always there like it's funny. Funniest joke where it's like the cat scene. He was in this scene. And like it's funny self-aware thing but that move the movie wants to do action. Scenes wants to do joe best thing which that problem. You're totally right. Because that the movie is at its best. Whichever is never know. Never never achieves anything. But what you're saying here. I totally agree with because that is a shrub show yes that is a shrek style. Joan and this movie really doesn't have a lot of those in favor of like you're saying all these actions n. a. twenty to twenty five minute flashbacks. Yes so he's in jail and this is this is a real. I got kids here. This whole yeah. He's in the fucking prison and for whatever reason. This is is gonna fucking lakers dick. Then here's his old man's watching him and he's old minutes chained to a wall and he's like don't mind me. Keep doing what you're doing. I like to watch. that's right. Yeah this old man's gonna find him beat off fantasy world again essentially. I'm at work. This is the creepiest part. Yes he reveals that. He is a humpty dumpty ex cellmate. Yes so yeah you do. The math raver. Oh jack from jack and oh yeah get me started. L. let's get it. Started his jagged letter. Spit in the hands to get are going to track that. He fucked an egg. You know what goes well with a magic beings. Inner side played a chair. I'm hungry for eggs but not that way coach. Good with that a banger. English might sex true. Oh my god. That's what he said what he put it in here about to get poached english breakfast. Beans will slice of tomato. We were in london man couple years ago. I had that english breakfast not too shabby i was enjoying myself was a nice change of pace from the american cornflakes english breakfast. If you have a day of adventure planned little little tough to go barnstorm and out into the countryside breakfast afternoon plan. You have the english breakfast. You go back to the hotel you wait it out. Wait that storm out. You have some dumpty planned three. Pm that you can go out to the museum working for an hour four pm. It's easy to dump d on an english breakfast but humpty right now. The english breakfast is at least like there's something nutritious about it whereas like you go to ihop and you get the milkshake fucking pancakes or whatever. The fuck they have this week. Do those things will put you out for two days out. These are the jack and jill people. Yeah exactly jacket jill. People are eating. And i hop Or in denny's yes so this dude he's like by the way. My name's andy bean stark. My friends call me. Jack and i was like completely useless. dialogue there. Let's move right on. It's also weird because he looks like rumpelstiltskin. That's what i thought was going to happen too stupid. But so he says you know. I've been trying to tell his egg motherfucker if you take the golden goose out of the giants house then the fucking the big things going to come after it. The big thing is it's the mother of the goal is but i don't think the tischler mother goose because as far as i remember that was a lady. Yeah mother goose address on or something. This this goose's naked fifty feet tall and we see like in beta town. It's a photo realistic. Like alec cartoon duck. He does ask. Do you like that guy. I gotta tell you pretty big fan of that affect dukla off the aflac duck these days. Klay fire gilbert right gilbert godfrey talk and fire gilbert friend of the show fan of the show we did. We did a podcast with him. He could find it online somewhere. But like steve. That was a missed opportunity. Gush tune in love for the aflac dyke should have. We were in his chelsea apartment and he didn't bring it up. It was rude of me. We were too busy looking at fucking lon. Chaney's death mask or whatever. He had gone onto the pad. Cool dude gilbert. It was awesome. What a great time a dilbert. But i gilbert and they'll get that fucking shit you can fire my dad's from the geico commercial. Guess sort of like that gecko man. Do you like the new ads with nick. Nolte doing it. Why gilbert godfrey junk. Nope no kick. Just tell me. Awesome fucking insurance. How cool would that be so excited. Know what's the other one that i'm trying to think of fuck. There's something out there some of these insurance motherfuckers. There's a ostrich mutual another digression that half already audience can understand because this is this is yank dark sure. Welcome back to young talk because they don't have these commercials. I don't what a liberty mutual options half band half golden one insurance company. Can we convince that. Only that would only work in england where it looks like the guy who's leading them current. Yeah dude. yeah actually. Boris johnson looks like somebody. farka golden. Definitely some deformed wings under that shirt. Johnson definitely got birth that of an egg. I won't hear different short. You and i heard the other day. Boris johnson you hear this folks here. Worst johnson board of the united states of america. Benjamin yes oh right way. Or here's philadelphia. Sorry flip flip adele. So he's oh. I have to saved down and then kitty saws. Breaks them out. Yeah and like. There's there's still fucking cat flirting to definitely still their cat flirt up and down this movie. Sure and then the big fucking monster shows up. And it's a big chase scene. And i need to see this thing a little bit. Like the state puff marshmallow amanda steps on a church in my town. Like i need a little bit of destruction. You this thing. Just kind of like curiously walks around. It's sort of almost does kill the the epilogue which will talk about pisses me off. Kills jack agila pretty immediately like they're like. Hey we want the money back or something like that. They could just totally smashed and left for dead. And you're fucking dead. Yeah probably some their pigs to. It's it definitely. it is so. It's just one of the many things in this movie. That's like so aggravating. Because it's like what a missed opportunity. You have a giant goose that is ready to destroy a town and they don't they. Don't have fun with it totally. Why isn't it like honking at a building in the building like all the windows shatter could just spit ball. Dozen things right now. That would be so much funnier than what happened. Actually because it's not about being funny. It's about action. Movement says such a fucking day that technical animation. What's good about is the movement of it. That's what's clear about it. So they're showing in that regard and like god damn it it pains me to fuck praise this movie but in the second shrek movie what actions have peace at the end of it is around like the big gingerbread man mongo or whatever they call it and like it's coming in it's being a little destructive wild or whatever like but it's still a funny and they're kind of doing things with it and this is just like it is literally just kind of walking through this town like hey. Is anybody seeing that golden goose. I am looking for my child. Being as calm about this felt like you think the way that they hype this up in talking about it. It's going to be some crazy mom star. That comes through. Rippin ask you. It's gotta be cute because it's for kids just like the gingerbread man is always 'cause i'm baby this movie so where you not only did you wanna gopher grimly thing. Monster arrow migrate golden man wing. It always comes back to this book like when you the only hint you get this monster when they're up in the giants house as you see it's eyeball and it's like this big like lord of the rings fucking i am sore on looking like read a glowing eyeball and then when it's revealed that it's just this big goose. None of that exists. Yeah now so it's like a complete faker. Yeah it's total fake. Well yeah it'd be like. Hey we got we got here fucking sixty five minutes of footage before we got fifteen minutes before it can hit the ending. And that's gonna end three times anyway..

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