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I don't know what it it was as big a hit as they kind of expected, but it's had a lot of its head a long shelf life. Oh, yeah. And people talk about it. Yeah, it's crazy. Great idea. And a a really, I think, really well executed, but. I mean, he was really, we had interaction because we did. We did seem together. Right? But he was really wearing so many hats. Yeah, because not only was he co director, but because he is who he is, he was writing it. I think he was making up stuff and maybe improvise, but definitely working with the writer on the script and. So he was he was a very busy guy. I remember and we shot a lot of that ozone late, shoots. Most of my stuff was night shoots ably, which was actually fortunate because at the time I was rehearsing a play in the daytime. So you didn't sleep? Fantastic time. I slept five hours a night, but it was. I was young and it was sure I was like, oh my God. I'm living the dream. Oh, you were. You would think that it can't be done, but. Tastic. In the timing worked out. So that right is the rehearsals were ending. The rehearsals for the play were ending, and we were gonna go into production. That's when the filming was wrapping up. So I was able to go into the play in the night, right? It was just phenomenal, but but I'm trying to remember if they were. I can't remember specific story other than it was just a lot of fun. Yeah, there's a sense of play. Gena Davis. Randy Quaid was was the other guy. And. Also, there were so many actress Stanley Tucci was in that movie and Jason Robards. Jason Robards was a giant, can't cure my sheriff, our God from time. I was very, very young. So the fact that I'm actually doing a scene with this man, I mean, that was that was the big takeaway them as you're sure you've had that experience where you're you're in a movie and you're just like, you just cannot believe that you're, there's Eireann's a scene with these, you know, like. Walter Matthau I work with them Mike, Jack Lemmon that was like showing up at mount. Rushmore came off the side of the mountain and shot him to say we're seen with you..

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