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The NFL can't move on as cabinet. The NBA can't move. One has kaffir Nick, but happened in football because basketball decided in the macro sense there to progressive for something like this to happen there players have said they're not going to kneel. They don't need to Neo our audience, understands it. He NHL's traditionalist, the mobile is much too white, and so the major, four sports. This could only happen in the way that it happens in the NFL does not only using a majority of black talent as being entertained to majority of audiences, but no other league fills itself or has been so far down the home where they actually have to reckon with something like this. Tyler times writes about the intersection of race, politics, and sports for Espy nation. I'm Sean Ramos for him. This is today explained. Johny before we leave you in Hong Kong and hopefully we can check in again tomorrow, but what's next apart from brushing your teeth? Probably some point. Yes, of course. So I- tomorrow I'm going to go explore some the housing in Hong Kong. The look at the big housing towers and then a medical in to some of the smallest houses. You've ever imagined. People literally live in houses the size of like coffins and so I'm gonna go talk to those people talk about their lives, what they're facing and all mature return report can't wait to hear all about. It's exile. Check in with you again. Shutouts shutouts to clip electric toothbrushes. Response in the show show whatever Ferrier on right now and the bun festival. Jack, they should go do us up favor listeners of the podcast and go just type bun festival Hong Kong and feast your eyes on this spectacle on Google dot com, but also go to get quip dot com slash and check out the toothbrushes. -actly.

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