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So, um, we're going to clear the crash at Pelham Street and the delays er easing out quickly. Kevin Brennan, WBZ traffic on the threes. All right, let's get right to the weather forecast. It is just evolving by the moment. And we're joined, thankfully, by meteorologist Bob Larson. Hi, Bob. Neither Lori we still have that warning effect as you mentioned Tornado warning to 1 30 for North Eastern Western County, northwestern Middlesex County. The warning has not been canceled or altered in any way to separate storms to talk about within that warning area. Happiest of the rain with the first car was down north of Bolton, east of Lancaster. The second north of Sudbury centered pretty much over Maynard. At this point. Both stars are moving toward the north, and that may be more northwesterly at about 28 MPH. There have not been any recent sightings or reports of touchdown tornadoes. But of course, we've had that earlier this afternoon, and conditions remain favorable for some spin ups, so something will have to watch carefully. The good news is that decide for those two storms. I do not see any additional storms that have recently developed You go farther to the West. We have a large area, steady rain suburb and heavy over central western mass that slowly moving eastward just as what's left of tropical Storm on re slowly Booze east or we suspect the scattered thunderstorms we're dealing with today will evolve into a steady your rain tonight and flooding will again become a concern across a good portion of the area before it finally dries out. Tomorrow. Laurie. All right. Bob and flooding is a major concern in central Tennessee. Nearly two dozen people are still missing after flash floods swept through Humphreys County over the weekend. Now survivors describe water, sweeping away vehicles tearing homes off their foundations to devastation. There we go to Waverly, Tennessee. And ABC's Ellen Lopez is on the ground. Creeks lined with cars swept away record rainfall, pummeling the area more than 17 inches in less than 24 hours. We spoke to Michael, who was rescued as rising waters trapped him in. It was terrifying. I'm sitting there looking at everything that I just lost. Many roads washed away power lines wrapped in the debris officials searching through cars and homes. Looking.

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