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View. Of what it looks like. Those watching for those watching. But it said Web that pod. FRIEND DOT COM is is the place to go Lincoln up in the show notes of course? Yes we talk about it quite a bit in the interview. In the interview that we've got coming up so let's talk about making Kelly. I haven't been following what she's been doing. Yeah. Well, Megan Kelly famously went from Fox to NBC, and then didn't last too long over NBC and and now I in her words she's She says no more corporate overlords she's starting independent podcast. and. Listen to a couple of listened to the or the You know initial episode and it's it's very good You know it's an interview show. Yeah. Did she allying with any networker? She doing her own deal she's doing her own deal She's got a company she started called Devil Care Media and Jabal Care Media Devil may care media or something like that. Oh. That's interesting. Yeah. So yet so we'll have to listen to what she does she. She in the first episode there. She talks about you know that it's so much greater now that you know she didn't have to worry about you know. What she says what she says so much and and yeah, it's it's a it's. It's great for for her you know she kinda got a raw deal at NBC at least that's my opinion. We'll see. Yup. So it's amazing how these voices now are starting to find that? The agendas of mainstream media which.

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