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Nah man the man who made it possible for so much growth here in the city of Tampa who brought us Jeff Vinik in our Tampa Bay Lightning and that would be Phil Esposito who joins us right now on A. M. Tampa Bay then they'll thanks for being on board here they beat the paying ones how Annette the game on Wednesday night but I remember being at a penguins game one time and they rich I went out to get a beer and I heard a loud cheer and I thought a we scored they came in and it was a stinking Pittsburgh team restaurant or not was an away game at home was better Jack it's get low a lot better and let's not forget your bits per came in at the end of the league get I think it was sixty seven or seventy I can I can remember when they came in but it was sixty seven of seventy so they've got a whole lot more addition or whatever you wanna call it behind them yeah our we're getting better lot better I shop this bird thank wooden jerseys in the building there wasn't any doubt about that I want to see but there weren't as many as early on when we you and I used to talk about it well that's that's good I'm glad to hear that does the lightning you're playing well and I will like I say when they're but apparently was an incredible night for the medal of honor winners DOT jacket gave me goose bumps I got to tell you the truth Bobby Taylor and I up stairs and branding broke all three of us I looked at each other and I man I get goosebumps chiefs of but said shovel why because just to see those guys well with forty of the seventy six and the ninety six year old man that dropped the park don't let hero in nineteen forty five metal either it was the subject does he he walked up there drop the bug and even have goes with terrific with with those guys see he he must of shook hands with almost all of them he he was terrific no I know that I've worked the stamp goes before with Saint Joe's hospital that got his unbelievable I mean there's nobody like him but the he's got a real good and I'm button John friends own put together quite a show in their bill work and all that bunch you got yeah it was great it was really really seven and the fans were under she cropping croak those people will it was nice to see what we got with the preds coming up here tomorrow night well I'm not gonna roll one two three or four in a row and they're good dot org with very good hockey team and the and the lightning I think they're playing okay but I don't know there's something I wish I could put my finger on it Jack but there just seems to be something lacking there I don't know what it is but it's not a it's kind of similar to last year during the end of the year you know you can win a game but yeah you didn't quite well as well as you should but you got away with it because by Celeste you is playing so well on the net Ron I know everybody says I I what I say that people say to me what is the part of the team in the years and gold threatening was goaltending I don't think you win a lot in this game anymore how true are they have that great goaltending but we make sometimes the same mistakes that we've been making before and that's the giveaways in your own soul and that's just gotta stop because you're going no where if you keep on doing that it's got to be limited you're going to make mistakes everybody does but you can't make the obvious play that goes right on the opponents stick you can't do that because it's going to result in a good opportunity for them and eight of the ten times it's a goal well the yeah the you gotta have defense as well as officers no doubt about that but a little bit right and this just you know I'm looking to last year when we well set the record for wins and everybody was all excited about that and we fell apart in the playoffs I'd rather just barely make the playoffs and then play well in the playoffs but like I said before Jack euro these guys get paid for the eighty two games they play yeah they don't really get they get bonuses and stuff like that but you could pay for eighty two games if you didn't have those eighty two games to play all you're going to pay the players yeah that's we're over here you don't twenty games party games okay let's use in the playoffs okay how are we going to pay them the nine and ten million dollars think of a happy yeah we got to play the eighty two games and that's what you're playing your poison those eighty two games to get to a position in the playoffs hopefully of home March but if it doesn't work out it doesn't work out a lot of times it doesn't because most ranks now our cookie cutters they're all the same so eight year you're not really worried about playing on the road like you used to be like when we used to go to Philadelphia in the in the early seventies or or or even Pittsburgh for crying out loud it was it was terrible but everybody's just saying that your low in his ranger also yep all alike then yeah you're right about that I remember visiting couple back in the old days when they were a little bit different but that's all changed now but it's some just hope when this is going to be a big big ear force maybe a another lord Stanley coming our way but fell click okay yeah you keep up the great work you're doing and and keep talking to him say Hey you guys need to do this and St Louis at least they're shooting the puck the last two games they've gotten over forty five shots each game the goaltending on the other side has been to replicate they played so well but at least the late in are getting all those drugs are on that which I've been complaining about here well well we'll talk to you next week and see how we do it in Nashville or against Nashville here and and have a great week here to take care of Jack but the man Phil Esposito NHL hall of Famer in of course founder of the Tampa Bay Lightning he brought all that great stuff to us seven twenty nine on a M. Tampa Bay WFLA news.

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