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Shop if i was the clear choice for her simple endeavor so he purchased a domain and began uploading products after a five hundred dollar investment between product the website and marketing tease t launched a few weeks went by nothing much happened but then teased he got his first order from a complete stranger that was three years ago and that person is still ordering from sheena but let's not get ahead of the story at first she tried to make tea sexy with forty names and descriptions but people don't respond well to that turns out nobody wants sexy t they want to eat it will make them feel good that will fit into their lifestyle so she adjusted her marketing focus to prescribing t for your every desire and goal instead of trying to bring sexy back for tea she was now recommending tease based on how the customer was feeling in his customer centric model was almost instantly more successful pricing the tea blinds is a continual struggle must have a product sell at about a thirty to fifty percent margin which isn't very high when you consider all the non costs the go into running the business especially in the beginning a big portion of her expenses were devoted to shipping in trying to overcome this challenge she realized she had two options number one she could focus much more on international orders because of some weird economics and tax issues shipping across canada could cost as much as fourteen dollars but chipping to any other country in the world could be done as cheaply as eight dollars second she could also try to raise the average order price shipping fifty grams of tea was just as costly to ship as four pounds so it made sense to get those average orders up as much as possible he had a couple of great ideas to do this one of them was to offer free shipping on orders a fifty dollars or more that way customers are far more likely to make large orders and also she.

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