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News for real people. Driving liberal elites crazy with a dose of common sense base. Mark levin. Mark Levin show. As I've said before we believe in the American dream, not the old Soviet dream. And apparently many of these politicians disagree with us. And they have a lot of people who support them who are bamboozled many of them are first generation in this country. They've never had the constitution explained to them or maybe they don't speak English. Well, which makes it difficult. Others are just hardcore leftists. Indoctrinated, many are activists, and we're up against it. Now. And if you like your lifestyle, and you like this country, and you want your children to enjoy the kind of freedom and prosperity that you are despite all the attacks that this doesn't work, and that doesn't work in the other thing doesn't work, and they have the answers, and they're gonna fix it. Look look at these malcontents in these miscreants. Who the hell is Elizabeth Warren? Why would you put your life in her hands? Who the hell is Carla Harris who the hell are these people that they come on the scene? They have good marketing. Inada play the media. They're not to get elected. And all of a sudden, they know everything. They're not around not just an industry that they've never even been involved in there around the whole damn economy. You have to be a complete idiot to vote for somebody like that. This Valentine's.

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