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Fulfilling that idea of of who i wanted to be regardless of my insecurities at the time sir i'm also i'm not really sure it does try and hide it as much as its rise to bring more attention to it sure very true because once you and i'm not sure if people if we think about that before it's happening maybe maybe it feels like i'm trying to hide it but then you realize a lot of people go oh can i just see like it's shit freely orphaned myself on this pad and also you have to have it to to to sit in touch that area quite a lot i mean i still get that like a can have it on my stomach is that okay with you pay x and they look at you like a doctor would like just i say within medicine industry anyways record too i have plans for a stomach tattoo yeah yeah do you know the movie death becomes oh my god is the one with what was her name meryl streep and goldie hawn oh my god dead it's such a great movie if you haven't seen that since i was watching fought tina simply watch it okay back and watch yeah oh my god well you might remember that there's like a little martian in there that is kind of the elixir of life and it's what makes them immortal and it's just like in this beautiful like poeple vile cycle this when they lift a little the smoke comes off it and oh yeah the lady who sells it to them who's sevilla rossellini who's absolutely stomach i love him so much she has a latin expression for it which is simply viva which is live forever so yeah i wanna get that with like old smoke and everything.

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