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You're tuned to after four you kind of. Okay. You're not really sure what do you do with the quarterback? Well, if you're like she should go to the playoffs. And then then you jettison your quarterback that took you to the playoffs. And then you hand it to the young kid. But again like, that's why this combine is so important. And that's why the pro days will be so important, you really gotta get to know these kids, and you've got to find out whether or not you believe that you can handle billion dollar franchise to that quarterback to be your leader. No doubts. And that's where you have to excel in the meetings. You have to excel in all the different interviews that you go through and there are certain things physically that they want to see you do. And I and I'm telling you right now there's only one quarterback since the merger that started in NFL game. I believe that was five foot ten or shorter. Doug flutie? That's right and Murray fits in that category. It just doesn't happen. Going back to what you're talking about. The combine though, isn't it really more all? These guys have great skills. I mean, we got this. Af they've got great talent more the leadership though in the head game more so than anything. I mean, honestly, you could go back and find first round talent that just implemented. But this is why I liked Wayne Haskins. I really believe that this kid thinks he belongs in the NFL who your point though, they have to get to know if he can lead a team and see the physical attributes we see the stats, I do it. But I read all about his past coaches and everything else and what they're saying different than anybody else. They can strike really read it, and you really hear it. I'm just telling you what I hear is a guy that loves the spread the ball around. That's highly accurate that is not overwhelmed, and he believes that he's going to be great. All right. So then there's the question does Odell Beckham junior help or hurt a Dwayne Haskins. He could hurt him. Let's go to Dan Eaton down. Dan. What's happening? Oh my gosh. Hey, I can't believe I got through. I've never called any radio show. So this is the first for me. I I a lifelong fan. Okay. And. Dislike you so much. So much the point where I couldn't listen to you just because of my, you know. Immature hatred. About a year ago? I decided to give you a chance. Jio star. So I sat you is. Not there today. And then all of a sudden my gosh, you know, like I would avoid NFL today. Just because you, thanks. I appreciate that. You would watch because the coach cower I could see that. All of a sudden now is your later. And and I like I said I've never called anyone anywhere. But I want to call them. My gosh, you you're the man I enjoy all of your opinions you're spot on with most stuff. Can't turn. You. The Phil Simms yet. I grew up. I'm stealing New Jersey. So I grew up wattage. I can't watch him yet. I'm not that mature yet. Oh, yeah. It's hard. It's hard to deal with them. I know. Anyway. So I just wanted to say thank you, you take my ride to work every day. Very well all Europeans are are strong. And and and you spot on most of the time. And when it's not it's just opinion difference. I appreciate that. Very nice. I'm glad you're maturing. You know, what he's talking about two one for me Phil Simms. Like one of the worst days of my life. Why? Because I hated the man growing cowboy fan such a lovely guy. He really is. He's. This is one of the nicest guys. And Phil just not screw Phil Simms. Phil Simms might be one of the nicest men I've ever met in this business. I mean, you can't I know you can't stand them internally. But he is you tell me a little bit. I can't. Dan simms. You had enough of him on understand something. I got the whole contract for CBS sports network. There'd be put on TV and everything. And in the contract that says I have to have a picture Phil Simms over my shoulder. Do nothing. But he's just I understand the caller's point. He used to look at you. And here, you know, Kyle Simms. I'd be like oh, God this number eleven. Oh. And then you meet them. And it's like, no, I don't wanna like you had such a nice, man. He had such an uncool face to limb. He's a quarterback is better than the Jim Plunkett one. Didn't he didn't Plunkett where the one bar or no thighs men were the one bar that was a horrendous. Horrendous helmet was a horrendous. Look. Yeah. Horrendous he was another one too met him at the Super Bowl a couple of times. I can't ditties such a another nice guy. All right. I'm a little annoyed. This stiff white thing. Let's go Chris in new Rochelle quickly. Chris what he got Bouma. Why not? Because he just as immobile as. Let's take Murray. The right now, we have no offensive line might not have a like number here. But Chris Cameron or he doesn't run. It's two different. He lies not capable limit. I'm telling you just go back and watch the tapes Dwayne Haskins he can run he runs if he has to he's not gonna run. Lamar jackson. He's not gonna run like Mitch Trubisky is not gonna run like that. He's gonna stand in a pocket, and he's highly accurate, and he's not going to be overwhelmed. That's that's two of the attributes. Right. Do just because he doesn't doesn't mean. He can't he's twenty one years old. I'm sure he can run and he's big he's strong allies. Ancient he's not physically capable of Ron Chris just try not to be so negative. I mean, I I'm. Look at the tapes of heritable of Dwayne Haskins. Okay. So I look at the tapes. I looked at throws. I see left hash Mark right sideline right on the money. I see a guy that can roll out put the ball right on the money. And then on top of that. I start reading about, you know, the character assessment coming from his headmaster at the bolles school down there and Potomac I listened about from his coach I listen about from Shawn springs. The former Ohio State star who ended up getting him down two boys. I listened to the coaches talking about him at Ohio State. I mean, everybody is all in on this kid from a character standpoint. Right. All we always worried about that. Yes. So everybody's all in on. This get all of his coaches all the people around him, and that's kind of the due diligence that you have to do if you're thinking about you're going to go draft this kid. And then I watched the physical attributes of how he holds the ball all of his ball of is what I would call the fundamentals applying quarterback, everything looks great. So now, what am I gonna look for the one? Tenth of his game. That I don't like is that is that really what I'm gonna do here. I'm gonna try to figure out. Why reasons why people do that because you can't be wrong as you said if you miss on the quarterback it sets you back ninety nine teams, and look there's there littered year and year in year their teams at just the right guy, get it. But you know, I don't know. I felt like the same thing about Josh Allen last year. You know, I was all in on Josh Allen from Wyoming all in on him. You know, I thought that kid was got our or for an arm, and he's an unbelievable athlete, but he was raw and he was on tested, and he had to learn the NFL game and to be fair the book still has to be written. Sure. But at the end of the day just like Sam darnold late in the year. You can see that the light started to go on that. They started to believe that they belong there were there were you know, whatever the indecision was going into the season. And while they were playing during the early part of the season you could see that dissipate as the season went on. They didn't get worse. They got better and him sitting as he said was also a big. Thing for him in the middle because it kind of. Josh Allen because he got hurt as well. Right. So we'll find out seven twenty on the fan. CBS sports..

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