Rudolph Giuliani, Robert Muller, President Trump discussed on The 11th Hour with Brian Williams


Welcome back. As we mentioned this, the polite way to put it mixed messages tonight coming from Rudolph Giuliani, I'm whether or not Trump will answer Robert Muller's questions on obstruction of Justice. Earlier today, Giuliani told our guest, Jonathan Lemaire of the Associated Press that President Trump would not answer Muller's questions on obstruction of Justice in writing or in-person quote. That's a no go. That is not going to happen. Giuliani said, there will be no questions at all on obstruction. Meanwhile Giuliani tells NBC news earlier tonight, that obstruction questions are quote not ruled in or out. We have asked Jonathan Lemaire to stay with us for this conversation and joining in the conversation. Chuck Rosenberg, former US attorney for the eastern district of Virginia. Also a veteran, former senior official of the FBI. So Jonathan, because we're talking about your interview. It's been said one side of this matters, not what Rudy. He says, but when does it start mattering? These changes back and forth just and then the time since your interview with him? Yeah, I really Johnny. First of all, this is not the first time he's been inconsistent, right? And certainly his as much as he is title is president's lawyer. He's far more president's legal spokesman being more the public face of this, and part of that is to sort of move the goalposts onto what would need to happen for the president is sit down interview with with special counsel, but also to shape public perception as to what that interview could be eventually with. Of course, the endgame being Muller, we believe, write a report that end up DOJ to congress, and they'll make that decision and he's playing to those congress members into the people vote for them. That's where he is. That's his target audience, but as much as he gave mixed messages later tonight, he couldn't have been clear with me when we when we spoke earlier this evening, suggesting that two things that there would be no, ma- no questions about obstruction. The president would not feel them either in terms of sit down. Interview or written though he did not discount the idea that he would take some written questions on the Russia collusion angle, and that's in response to the Muller teams. Most recent letter just from a few days ago signaling that they would be up for written questions on obstruction. But Rudy was very careful again to change the move those goalposts just a little saying, well, we might be up for that that we really wanna talk about the idea of follow up questions. We want to know. We're not sure we're going to be agreeing to any five questions and we want to have that matter settled before the president answers. Anything at all. Okay. Chuck you're out in the Pacific, northwest, and thank you for taking time out of your trip to join us. Does any of what Rudy says matter? And my question to you is because Muller cannot speak and will not speak, what should we know about how the feds view all of this? Right. Good question. And I'll be polite to use the phrase mixed messages. Brian Rudy has been Mr. Giuliani has been consistently inconsistent. It's absolutely stunning, but. It's no longer surprising. But as a former federal prosecutor, I can tell you this while the Muller team would like to speak with the president. In fact, they'd like to speak with everybody who's involved at this investigation. They don't have too often in federal investigations. We don't get to talk to the target of the investigation. He's abroad or he won't speak with us or invokes is fifth amendment privilege not to speak with us. And so you can finish an investigation without speaking to the president. If Bob Muller decides he wants to push the issue, regardless of what Mr. Giuliani says, he simply issues a grand jury, subpoena and litigators that I don't know what he's thinking about doing because he won't talk..

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