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Look pay oregon. Dr no no. I was not gonna pay sam darnold but it was. You were running up on his fifth year. Op thank you you're conflicted. You have a lot of decisions that you need to make in order to make your roster to build your team and you said to yourself. I'm not going to decide to pick up a fifth year option if he goes out there and he rips it up now. I got a long term. Extend him at this number. That's not going to allow us to maybe get some of the players or re-sign some of the guys that we wanna re-sign is going to kind of put a stranglehold on what we're capable of. That's all that's fine. That's all fair. That's those those are that's right. I understand that analysis. What is sam darnold do. Or what is he done in the nfl. So far that would make you or anyone think he could be a star. Let alone a good quarterback matt now discounting his very bad situation. I get that no ought to counting us saying what has he done right. but what does he like. You had to sign something at this point that would make you think that really stands out. This guy is going to be a high average. At least nfl quarterback you never saw glimpses of sam darnold where you're like damn in the right. That's why i just got way man. You gotta watch for those games. His ceiling is pretty high. When you see those glimpses again. I do think you're discounting to a pretty high degree who he was surrounded with you know. He was the first non veteran quarterback that adam gates has ever had that don't guys for example as a giants fan daniel jones. Daniel jones is not a solid quarterback at the moment. But i've seen enough from him to think if he was in the right situation. Maybe the average high average. But i've also seen enough to know. That's not a great quarterback. Do you look at sam darnold and think he can be a great quarterback in the nfl. I think a great quarterback in the nfl depends on what you define as great see. I don't define great like you might define great everybody in great to me. He could be a really good quarterback in the nfl. There's only a handful of great people and great players in the nfl. But we throw great around like we throw super bowl championships. Around like the eminem's everybody's gonna win the super bowl. No it doesn't everybody's not going to be great and that's okay but he is going to be an nfl starting quarterback more than serviceable in his career in the national football league. What wilson ceiling on the market. That's why when he was on the market there were several teams trying to figure out how to get the guy. And what do you think. Zack wilson ceiling is. I don't know he played a preseason. I saw him at byu. He was streaky at the y. You when he was healthy darnold streaking college when he was healthy to i. Let's be honest. i do believe wall street. Ceiling is higher than saying. Come on man. He was streaky and college. He to a lot of interceptions in college that all that i wouldn't call that streaky. I taught i call that taking risks to fill in like your arm. It's strong into defenders is. That's what it was only losing streak production. Td believes sam darnold serviceable if they put the right pieces around him in carolina. Kenny win the super bowl. This will tell you a lot about sam donor because they got some pieces. When you gotta mccaffrey in a rally anderson yeah you got a few law. You've got a little nuggets that he didn't have in three years with the new york jets. So this will tell you a lot. About what sam is of course. We don't have all the way through. We don't have all the evidence or the information makes very informed opinion. You that's my you. My suspicion is because we're making a prediction about the upcoming season that darnold as a four a quarterback that means in a very good situation. He could be okay. I don't see them being a standout at quarterback based on what i've seen so far in the nfl. And you can even go back to college where i had higher hopes and you can say well because he thinks this or that. He was streaky. He did throw interceptions in college. When i look at zach wilson. Maybe it's because it's a cleaner slate but to me to my i. It seems like the guy has more arm talent more ability to make those please where you go. Whoa no by the way of all the rookie. Quarterback's his performance in the preseason was way way up there. There's a reason. But i can gain plan for you to be successful in a preseason. I could game plan for on this show for you to be successful or i can gain plan for you not going to be successful. That is the way it works in professional sports. If i want you to succeed in the preseason all i gotta do game plan and you'll succeed you'll succeed just like that much like i told everybody on our show prior to joining us. Watch what happens in this particular game for mac jones. You watching gain three how much success. He's going to have because guess what we're doing word games. He planning to get ready for the season. And when you gain plan to get ready for something. I know what the defense is setting so now i can gain plan to attack defense much like we saw. Zach wilson their gang. Planning to keep him to make him successful. It wasn't vanilla. They didn't just run a bunch of hitches and slants. that's typically what you do in preseason but when you start seeing things like deep crossers in things of that nature like francisco de trae land. They game plan for trae lance to be successful when he was in doing the preseason he can we talk about the game plan just for one second. I know we're going to bring in paul here but this is why i expect big things from sam this year to a degree. The system is a variation of sean..

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