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Week. Sports at 25 and 55 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red 25 with rob wood fork. All right, the capitals and wizards at the midway point of their respective games actually a little beyond that. The caps in New York without Alex Ovechkin trailing the rangers four to one as we have actually hit the midway point of the second period. They are in the Big Apple. It has been a rough one here for the capitals outshot 23 to 14. They are zero for one on their power play opportunities. The wizards, meanwhile, without Kyle Kuzma, they took a 16 point halftime lead over his hometown team, led the pistons by as many as 22 and now in the third quarter lead 75, 58 behind Bradley Beal's 15 points to lead all scores in the game, the wizards though gotta find the touch long range. So you've shot 64% from the floor overall, but just two of 13 from three point range. The veteran quarterback market drying up for the Washington commanders, Andy Dalton reportedly agreeing to terms with the Carolina Panthers on a two year deal, and that came out was after Taylor heinecke took his talents home to Atlanta on a two year deal to play with the falcons also leaving Washington according to multiple reports, veteran running back JD mckissick released, offensive line coach John matsko fired at a curious time in the off season, the latest in a series of changes to the O line, to the offensive coaching staff rather since hiring Eric B enemy and we'll see if pro bowler Jeremy Reeves sticks around. He was tendered his free agent restricted free agent tender of 2.6 million for the upcoming season. Rob, woodwork, WTO sports. Okay, rob, the U.S. Military says Russian warplane hit an American drone over the Black Sea, WTO's national security correspondent, JJ green with some details

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