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And 5 targets for receptions week two, so that's a total of ten targets. That's very efficient through two weeks. They're three touchdowns on ten targets is pretty unsustainable. Dude, he's a red zone beast. He's got three touchdowns on 7 receptions. That's insane. And he just said ten targets. I'm just like even making that look even better on 7 receptions. It also makes me think he's playing 88% of the staff to be one 99% week two DF Samuels snap count. Yeah, see? Oh, I spelled Samuel, wrong. Right, pretty similar. Because I think they play three wide a lot. Let's see, Curtis has 71 and 89. Yeah. I don't know. I think datsun's gonna start eating into that same workflow. But I do think right now he is a great start. Yeah, he might eat into the work actually for what you paid for him. Yeah, he's getting he's getting the targets and folks. I do believe one wise person on this podcast did suggest that people should go pick up kurtis Samuel at the beginning of the year before the season started because I believe they said he was bus proof. Who was that? Oh. That was me. Oh my gosh. And I also thought Corey Davis could pass through. Corey Davis and Curtis Samuel. Good calls, Ryan. You said Jacoby Myers. I did say Jacoby Myers too. Oh my gosh, dude. I don't even know if he's been good so far this year. I have no interest in patriots players. I don't think he's been bad, but I don't think he's been amazing. Just real quick. Jacoby Myers is the number 23 wide receiver in the league so far. So everyone as usual catch a few balls a game. Yep. Yep. So all right. Let's move on. Fine. My start of the week is Christian Kirk. 18 targets are two games for our Anthony's Jacksonville Jaguars. Yep. He's getting the opportunity you want to see out of a number one wide receiver and he's delivering results.

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