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The community spread of corona virus appears to have been confirmed in central Texas Hays county says it has a total of five cases of covert nineteen and one of the one of them does appear to be spread through person to person transmission in the community and the haze school district close Monaco's monitoring is underway after officials say a person who has tested positive for that virus was on one of its campuses last week as of six o'clock last night Williamson County restaurants and bars have been closed down that comes after four new cases of covert nineteen are confirmed county judge bill Gravelle says that order stands until may eleventh these are drastic measures that we're taking to reduce the spread of the corona virus in our community so that the healthcare facilities that we have will not be overwhelmed the order also dropped the maximum number of people allowed per gathering to only ten no community spread has been confirmed there in Williamson County but health leaders do say the number of overall cases is guaranteed to rise Austin public health reporting twenty three cases confirmed as of today none of them have been found to be spread locally but officials have said this week that's merely a matter of time number seventeen as of yesterday morning healthcare professionals on the front lines the coronavirus flight leaving them at great risk in St David's healthcare says one of its physicians is now one of those twenty three who are infected in the Austin area hospital officials say the exposure didn't happen because of a lapse in protocol and they said the transmission was limited to areas where staff typically wear full protective gear an Austin Travis county community continues to combat the corona virus but a lot of people still have a lot of questions with new restrictions and policies some are wondering just how long this will go on Austin Travis county health official Dr Jason Pickett says they don't know from a practical perspective we can't shut down the country for six months or a year or anything like that but that's not feasible but the steps that we're taking are slowing that spread to allow the healthcare community to keep pace with it it says by people taking responsibility for their own health and practicing social distancing or even quarantining themselves they are helping slow this virus John Cooley newsradio kale BJ and it's six oh look at Austin's on time traffic don prior not much to see out there right now directional stalls things moving along just fine.

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