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Again's anything the competition needed to do their job standard simply bottlenecked any and all operations sounds like corporate sabotage in a way it was perhaps the very first instance of corporate sabotage on a mass scale in the us but again technically what rockefeller was doing wasn't illegal noone had dealt with a company this big and government regulation hadn't kicked in yet so rockefeller was just taking advantage of the system take it as you will he was smart in fact he was actually quoted as saying having competition is a sin and wanted to think he viewed competition as assume i'll though if he literally thought of competition as a sin but i think he considered it an affront to his operations that a business should seek absolute control of its market and strive to be the best more than anything i think he just conveyed this idea in biblical terms since that's how he was raised by the end of 1872 standard in the majority of the refineries in cleveland and perhaps the us they produced over ten thousand barrels of oil per day things were still getting better for the rockefeller family laura had just had another child edith on august 31st 1872 not uncommon for the era where some households at upwards of ten children laura took great care of the kids she made sure the children went to church got a proper education and remained humble despite their luxurious circumstances this was also while she was running several charities and fighting to see that women got a proper education rockefeller wanted his family to always have a better life so in aging 73 he moved them to their latest house a lavish mansion in the suburbs near lake erie cleveland this mansion had plenty of room for not only the grandparents but any visiting relatives nicknamed forced hill that became the center of the rockefeller family life throughout the 18 80s it was.

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