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Is twenty eight minutes past eight let's turn to darren the spoe uh yesterday at this time england cricketer johnny best i was our main focus of attention this morning it's been stokes who could be back playing at the weekend not with england in the second test but in new zealand stoked would have been with england but we was wrested back in september following an incident outside a nightclub correspondent jonathan agnew ripples stokes his trip to new zealand has called people on the hope it wasn't mentioned by andrew strauss yesterday when he was asked a number of times about any developments butting announced say they're happy for him to play some cricket rather than sitting around waiting for the conclusion of the police gatien stokes is already in discussions with canterbury ahmad even play for them against atoll go on sunday and never ably and particularly with england struggling in the ashes this will be a distraction and there's increasing frustration at the time avon and somerset police are taking over their decision to press charges against stokes all note meanwhile lignins have arrived in adelaide keen to refocus on the job in hand off to the past few days both on and off the field everton may have a new manager by this evening sam allardyce is set for talks he did meet club officials a few weeks backroom wherever to buy a pat nevin joins us paint good morning good morning having sent removed cumin seven weeks ago they clearly have to make an appointment i'll advice is back in the frame he had to go but things didn't work out then no that didn't work him purely because i think he was not their number one and the reason why he wasn't their number one is because we're thinking idealism nova thinking the hollywood you've you can cloth of liverpool jews admitting your united while the guabira satay they wanted to join that gang forget that is pragmatism indeed he was sacked seven weeks ago crewmen are you amazed that everton had no replacement actually lined up fairly surprised after m you shoot all organized sle i taught three we should know that you can get a least one of the three and if he can get one of those you know you can go to the fourth but you should settling help your first three ready to with an after absolute sat ready within that group than have that and that's got to do with the fact that.

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