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And I think that there is something to be gained from being able to write pieces and to observe the president. And even to report on the president in a straight news way. I'm using air quotes for people who can't see me. I think being able to do that with out the baggage of perhaps presuming that we know what's in his heart is is useful. And it's particularly useful to people who support the president. And who might be persuaded that he is wrong about one thing. Or another. And it also might help put in the context various things that simply do not fit that narrative. Yeah, I think that's what I mean. That's why I wish the New York Times would stop employing where to libertarians and finds particularly a, you know, a pretty up, you know, a particularly did the best version of of his politics. Well, then I'm not a weirdo. Libertarian cause. That's that's what I try to do. Who's the where libertarian to the New York? I don't know. Sorry there. We are. Weirdo. Neoconservatives who also are wonderful injury diametrically opposed. But yes, but they share you're not gonna make. Niskanen center jokes. Not going to do it. Sure of this country. Thank you. Thank you for the reading David Brooks someone that day. I know you've got to run soon anything that you wanted to perhaps they're out there before you skate out of the room. What's the future news, five seconds? Can you emoji only media? Is dead. It's amazing to me just as a comment that what three years ago if we talked about BuzzFeed. Oh my God. News context. Yeah. There were just be a snicker maybe five years the five maybe five when when when did that stop because that definitely there was a thing. And it's like, oh, you know, this is pretty good. But I mean, BuzzFeed come on. Yeah. And it's just that's not really miss it like. Slide shows twenty fourteen like when we were working on the independence. I remember like grabbing BuzzFeed stories sharing them on my guys. When he started sharing them. Personal anecdotes our informative the no. But I mean, it was such a it was actually such a great asset. Have people say like it would be it when we would break news. It would also be news that we had broken news. Because it was so weird that this cat website. In fact, amplified all the news like every store. Every scoop you got you would get both like, hey, here's a scoop. And then like a secondary echo of an weird BuzzFeed broke it I missed that. That was that was a pure advantage from calls, and it just like, hey, it's Ken from it was sort of man bites cat. What's going on over there? Tell us all your secrets you guys have been doing genuinely some really great phenomenal investigative journalists that work, and I'm delighted that you stop by hope you'll be able to come again. Thank you. Thank you for having me on them. Column column column. Okay. Cool. Wow. Work thing popped up. I had one of my reporters interview Candice Owens yesterday. And oh, it was it got messy did it. And yet she just tweeted out the interview she loves that. I mean, she lives for that. She's a savage coal. Well, that was fun. That was fun. Right. It's nice. We don't have a lot of folks who pop in pop out, but occasionally happens when it does we roll with the punches. But I thought that was good editor in chief of a very prominent online news publication to that. We never do. You have an editor at large all the time. We we'd we'd make the accommodation to allow him to skate out early and not drink. Yeah. That's true. There. They've raised like five hundred million you at five hundred million. Yeah. Really? Yeah. The reason. The role. And food verticals at BuzzFeed are enormous. Yeah. Yeah. Buzzfeed news. He's also verticals. Absolutely. Buzzfeed news. I'm meant all of the words of prejudice that I offered Catherine Miller who was formerly the politics editor late of free beacon is great. Anthony cumia Jason Leopold on the investigative squad or great this quite a feat. Joe Joe Bernstein's, a great media Rivera legal people to are pretty good who cover Chris guidance guide guy supreme court beat. He's great..

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