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From several banks and an agreement could be reached around mid July although the talks could also still drag on or they could fall apart S. and P. futures down five points crude oil at fifty seven dollars fifty cents a barrel Gina survey Bloomberg radio six thirty nine yes it is you can disagree with the most the actually says the most boring tourist attraction in each state and in Arizona it has to miss stone Arizona and the gun for the OK corral as the most boring actually I went I had a pretty good time I enjoyed that too but there was a long time ago when I was there for five years ago some like that I have a good time there was where the others do they do that re enactment of the OK corral shootout like an outdoor theatre venue right and you know you're trying to get into it the mid the other the old west looked everything and then this car drives by behind you blasting hip hop music listen I got the cowboys over here and the dust and in six shooters and I'm trying to get into the you know the look at maybe in the eighteen seventies feel and also at Mr hip popped you know cranked up to ten of course you know those drowning out the the actors yeah I would not know his right that'd make it bad not getting the okay Groundlings worth now there's there's these bad animatronic shoes when you're waiting in line yeah these robots that re enacted that that is bad the actual actors are pretty good but the the waiting line part is pretty bad I traffic.

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