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These statements have not been evaluated by the food Drug administration. All right. So. We've become more narcissistic, right? And by north assistant. I don't just mean self preoccupied. I don't mean egoistic I mean, we've had a lot of adverse childhood experiences that we didn't get the nourishment. We needed emotionally. So we sort of pull into ourselves and protect ourselves. We also don't have a strong connection to our motion. I primary spontaneous emotions were sort of. We sort of go to the world to get what we need to feel. Okay. Because we're kind of disconnected from ourselves and one of the narcissism is we said a pumper selves up with good things in the world. Good things from the world things. The people to make us feel better because inside feel kinda small this connected or empty because we didn't get the feeding nourishment emotionally we needed when we're younger things like divorce witnessing domestic violence, some new data on that show that it's fantastically. It's almost as bad as being the object of of violence. Violence. I don't. I would assume that being a young person and watching your mom being assaulted by your dad would in many ways be worse than being assaulted because when you're being assaulted you basically a rollover car accident. You're not even I don't know what you're thinking. You're just rolling in this car, you're watching your helpless, and you know, out of body almost watching this thing, it's gotta be it's I think it in a weird way would transcend the physical part of what's happening to you. Because and also if you if you sort of distill, the physical part of the woman, the beating that whatever the violence, it's rarely broken bones and black is it's a beating or whatever it's a switch or whatever your brain is in fight or flight or whatever watching it being perpetrated on on your mom would be. Unbelievable. So we have all this injury in these are called narcissistic injuries. So now, we've had this spectacular sort of development of narcissism. And I've seen the turn of CENA's developing and end the liability of the narcissism is we project things out of the world. We think we see stuff and other people are really belong to us. We have lots of envy, we have to bring people down if they make us feel diminished in any way, and lots of unregulated aggression. And in one of the things that people do when they have envy, and unregulated aggression in a group because they could act it out on each other. There's like this constant potential for people to start just warning with each other. They will have a tendency anthropologically to focus their aggression and envy outside on one. So the mob will gather together in scapegoat, one person or one thing, and they usually have to destroy it in order to discharge their aggression. So they don't turn it on each other. Does Does that that make? make sense? Yes. And we're going and all the things you see now about people being demanded that they lose their job on Twitter in this kind of stuff. This is that scapegoating mechanism that people are acting out. It's very dangerous enter into allow it and reinforce it. It's extremely problematic. Maybe we should be saying, hey, I thing is we're not listened to the mob. We're gonna not far this person value with this and not your business, stab it. Well, when I never get with the narcissism is. I like to think of myself in our cicis who doesn't want to waste time..

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