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Its. 'cause yeah and i think the first time i'd heard of birla's was story in bloomberg in may which said that guerrillas raising money at a six billion dollar valuation just shortly after raise money at a billion dollar valuation and to me that was like at a pretty astonishing step up and told me that like this is a bold audacious. Maybe even reckless company. 'cause i started hearing. Vc's heard about the sixty billion dollar aid. We're like this is a little. This is a little much a little too fast guys aggressive on price and then we also started hearing about like more warning signs abou a crew is cayenne and what is going on. I realize were you starting to here. So this guy cryan. He was born rise in istanbul. And one of the first jobs he had was as a management consultant at bang. Bang company and wallet bain. He's job was to go into companies into scowl them up and he was really good at it but he said to me that one of the things they thought is like. I don't want to do this. For other companies might anti lives so he quits his job at bain and he moves to berlin and you know he's a turkish immigrant in berlin is a big turkish immigrant population in that city and he thinks himself on need to get into the tech saint so he joins an incubator I don't know how will none of it is in the us. Yes and he is again working for small startups. basically you know trying to scowl them up. And he's really good at it and over the course of the time that he spends it rocket internet. There is this unique trim studies thing but there is a point which he says an admitted to us that he basically got to was using a stimulant to work all throughout the not and over. The course of six months you know wasn't sleeping and decided with robert. Instant was best to leave his job. He took some time away and then in march of last year. He's sitting in a little apartment and a half to think that he saw the likes of successive. Get here from his home country. But what did i do that here in berlin and so he buys some shelving units and frigerator he puts the refrigerator's enemies little balcony. And you just stopped stocking up. He's little pop to the first little warehouse of guerrillas came out today. What other challenges do accompanying like guerrilla face. What else should we be watching out for. There are many challenges corey. And i think that i guess the biggest thing that you know. He's he's a problem for this company. Is the pr issue of worker on problems on the ground in germany. This is something that a lot of people want actually have You know having directed with but they're they're These protests that are happening at some of the berlin warehouses that and this is a city where the company's cayenne but there is some very noisy employees to a trying to essentially unionize the workforce unlike a lot of companies that rely on. You know our workers like thinking about delivery companies in the. Us derail is high older workers and so they're all on staff. They're not ten thousand workers at this company and so an unruly group should be able to manage especially when it's a startup that has just been in existence. I attained months. I think that if i was to say anything this company that she's biggest issue for the moment it will be having to put in place. Hr protections put in place. You know stick pad put implies as things that much. More mature companies in the tech sector have had to deal with that he is having to do with not eighteen months off the united storing cans coke on his balcony. Well markets a fascinating story and thanks for covering it out of out of london. Marcus stephanos the formation. European tech reporter. Mark thank you so much..

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