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Amy Winehouse back to black. October of two thousand six back to black it's Amy Winehouse's second and final studio album the album's content was based in a relationship with an ex boyfriend and future husband the album sound is described as influenced by nineteen sixties girl group pop and soul with contemporary art be in need of Saul critics love the album song writing and performance as well as the production. Laurie on news radio WBBM man has been charged with slashing the neck and face of it upon university graduate near the school's Lincoln Park campus Adam Bramwell will Bramwell faces a numerous felony charges in connection with the July attack that left a woman critically injured he's expected to appear in court this morning brambles transferred to Chicago police custody after being arrested outside Huston the last month on a car jacking warranty was being held in the county jail awaiting extradition. Chicago police say a fake pipe bomb got a worker at a northwest side business in trouble yesterday police a spokesperson officer the Jessica Alvarez saying I'm an arson determine that the device was safe and not explosive so the sixty two year old male was taken in a constant area north detectives are investigating over as soon as it happened at the business on Avondale near divinely Edison park a neighborhood investigators in will county say of their investigation into more than twenty two hundred preserved of fetal remains found in the creek township garage of an Indiana abortion doctor who recently died as concluded with no criminal charges planned will county state's attorney James Lasko says he can't charge doctor alright club for because he's dead there's no evidence of anyone living committing a crime in Illinois and it appears the abortions that led to the preserve fetus work performed in will county because it coincides with the time that he would even doing the abortions in Indiana most of the evidence of anything that occurred is there and we will remain in contact with them Lasko says he is interested in learning more about Cooper's testimony about performing an abortion on a ten year old girl in Illinois and no one reporting it but he says he would need more information to proceed as for the investigation and the fetal remains Lasko says both are being handed back to Indiana a Florida he's outside the will county sheriff's office in Joliet Jim good as newsradio one oh five point nine FM WBBM news time for all eight.

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