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Elementary school the scene of an officer involved shooting this morning. Good morning. I'm Jacqueline Scott in the okay news center. This is Oklahoma's first news cloudy. Mid forties today. Our forecast is coming up an officer involved shooting at Wheeler elementary school that's near south east twenty fifth and buyers. Police say the officer had been involved in a chase with a suspect that chase ended at school. No word so far about what led to the shooting. The suspect's condition is not known. The officer was not injured. A Bill filed with the state Senate would raise the minimum wage in Oklahoma to ten fifty an hour. It's currently seven twenty five an hour. It's Senate Bill one. Oh, two by democratic state. Senator George Young of Oklahoma City seven twenty five an hour means a minimum wage worker working forty hours a week earns fifteen thousand eighty dollars a year. If Young's Bill becomes law, a minimum wage worker, working forty hours a week would earn. Twenty one thousand eight hundred forty dollars a year. State treasurer Randy McDaniel, says state revenue increased by more than one and a half billion dollars. Last year. Maganya says the increase was mostly due to dramatic increases in revenue from oil and natural gas production. He says state revenue was slightly less than thirteen billion dollars last year. That's about thirteen percent higher than collections in two thousand seventeen Republican governor elect Kevin Stitz inaugural festivities begin tonight in Lawton. Incoming first Lady Sarah stood says, tonight's bison bash. We'll be lots of fun to be basically like a ball, but a little less formal. So they're.

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