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80 over Donner Summit. Additionally, chain requirements were posted for both highway 49 State Road 88 plan Accordingly, I 80 East and westbound. The Donner summit Rest areas are closed because of snow deposit. That's where they take all the plow snow and put in the parking lot until they can figure out something. It's to do with it Just reminder. A pair of past closures due to snow Highway four of its past a route 89 monitor pass traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons news 93.1 kfbk Now Sacramento weather With patchy clouds on this Thursday morning. Expect lows between 43 47 later today, a mixture of sun and clouds the high 60 to 64. Partly cloudy tonight Low 38 to 42 tomorrow Friday. A lot of sunshine highs between 61 65 High is also in the low sixties. Saturday. I'm AccuWeather meteorologist Karpinski News 93.1 kfbk. This holiday season. Wal Mart helps you give them everything with exclusive Lego sets from whole new worlds to build toe thrilling adventures with their own exciting stories and bringing their imagination to life. Wal Mart helps you give them everything because Lego bricks can be anything exclusive sets available at WalMart. The end of the day. It's always been you bit me tonight. We got one hell of a ride Are you talking about? Buckle up, You knew it was gonna end like this. I will find another way for one last ride. I did not think this would be the day It's the unbelievable final episode of supernatural but first, take a look back at how it all began on the long road home Special. Don't miss the two hour finale event all knew tonight on the CW. It all starts tonight at eight. On D. C. Tell you 50 Washington C W Tuned to D C W 50 weeknights for one full hour of blackish starting at seven with a family that keeps it real. Stay woke. Bo, I don't think you understand the meaning of Whoa, I'm wide awake. She keeps an honest with each other. Let's go. Something easy. A strong black man handled his business. It keeps it together for each other. Keep you strong. Just what you say. Blockage weeknights at seven and 7 30 followed by an all new supernatural Tonight at eight on D C W 50 Washington. See tell you I heard radio goes one on one with Bryan Adams to get a feel for when it all began for him. Musically, I was about 10 years old. Was given a Spanish guitar for Christmas. And so e..

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