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He's a son of Harlan's Holiday. Who was named for the popular nineteen eighty song by the punk band dead. Kennedys bred in Kentucky by trainer del Roman's brother, Jerry now, he's the house horse owned and trained by Danis Garrity. What about him? Her her excuse me. Yeah. She's she's been a little hard knocker for me. We we one day night here. You know, they have a day meet here three times a year. And that's a lot of fun to you know, just they had that day me, then it goes right on to the evening and everybody sticks around for the night the night racing. Also, and yeah, I I I was gonna enter it night. And I didn't realize that the the rule for workouts is different for the day than it is for night. Here night is like forty five days as thirty. And I realize I was at thirty one days. So I had to scratch out, you know. Couple of times. And we ended up winning. It was just it just it always works out. It seems like, but but I ended up having to worker and then run during the day and she wants. So I was I was happy about that. Especially since I owned her. You know, it's always nice. They're the run horses in the win when you own them. Oh, yeah. Yeah. That's a big that little extra lecture bonus. Yeah. She's been a she's been a little hard knocker for me and long Irish and lucky we went a couple of races with her this year. And and I love those two Phillies. So even a lot of fun. You know, you probably sent away with the Phillies. I mean, you've always. We've got a lot of editing. Well, we an expert at it. The. Remember that think minutes Phillies gonna remind you remember that triple dead heat. I was in Hollywood park. And I think that was probably the the most fun I've ever had in race when interest. Never. This will never happen in any of our lifetimes or any of the listeners ice. I'm you'll never see that again where there was a walkover in a triple dead heat on the same card. We'll never see that. Again. That's safe to say. Yeah. Very very rare. That was a weird day. But that was a fun day. Very unusual. The walkover was that Spain was Spain shot cat Sharpton lupus his horse and in the bay and then a couple of races later, we had this triple dead heat. I thought I wanted I wanted to see the picture I thought he wanted my horses completely clean everybody else's dirty because it wasn't buddy track. That's why they're so many scratches in their steak, and and no it was a triple dead heat. That we had to split the Wapping person eight thousand dollars. Yeah. Well, that's one thing about the good old days. It wasn't so good was the personally. And it seems like I'm still paying the same amount to everybody nowadays. And I did back then right? Yeah. But it was fun. I walk into peppers, and there's a big old pitcher of the peppers. Well, it's a Mexican restaurant across the street from San either for listening. So no, but and there's a big old pitcher of the triple dead heat. It's really cool pitcher. They have hanging on the wall there. So that's probably my claim to fame. Unfortunately. That he an eight thousand claim red Hollywood far back in December ninety seven. But but that was that was fun Hollywood park timeline to the historic timeline. Yeah. That's a that's a cool thing. They that. They they have that immortalized on the wall of the restaurant. That's really. I say which Hollywood park it's back open. Now, what a great track that was train on you know, with the with the training track and the main track training track in Hollywood pork of that was the best truck. It was the best track train on. And there's no doubt about it. And it's too bad. Now, we gotta go over and sit on that track and watch football. Yes. It's a it's a whole different world. So strange new, but they do still call it. They get all the Rams are gonna be playing, you know, at Hollywood park..

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