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Update traffic and weather together just hand at eight OO eight W. W. J. news time eight oh three is China being honest about the number of people infected with a corona virus there have been concerns that the numbers may be under reported especially as there has been a shortage of supplies to test the sick US senator Gary Peters I think your word of we are concerned about the the numbers were also concerned that they're not letting go folks into the country that can be helpful certainly we have folks from United States in the CDC in particular that we'd like to have in country in China Detroit metro airport is now conducting in hand screenings of passengers for the virus and officials have ordered more frequent cleanings of the arrivals area at the McNamara terminal that offers direct flights to China on the campus of Miami University in Ohio two local colleges have postponed basketball games details now from W. W. J. sports anchor Ryan will late night such a mission men's basketball game at Miami of Ohio as well as tomorrow's western Michigan women's game in Miami's been postponed that's after a student at Miami show very mild symptoms consistent with the corona virus a make up date yet to be determined for either game but the games will be rescheduled more coming up when we check sports at eight fifteen no church no criminal charges will be filed that decision today from the Saint Clair county prosecutor in connection with the alleged warranty lasalle football hazing incident saying there is not enough admissible evidence to move forward we get the story now from W. W. J. newsradio nine fifties John Hewitt in a written statement Sinclar county prosecutor Michael Wendling says while competent a criminal incident did occur criminal charges cannot be substantiated in large part due to the inaction of dealers sell school administrators when when writing the non cooperation from staff is especially upsetting considering they are the people who have an obligation to protect these children equally frustrated is warm police commissioner bill Dwyer who says there is no trust within the school's administration the board of education or whoever controls the school should look deeply at you know how that school is operated I totally agree with the Saint Clair prosecutor we work diligently with him already captives at least we investigated and brought forward the hazing incidents that did occur and we do know they occurred last fall after several varsity football players allegedly use broom sticks to Hayes younger players police found many to be uncooperative W. W. J. has reached out again to dealers out president John night for comment without success John Hewitt WWJ newsradio nine fifty administrators in the selain school district are reacting to racially charged social media polls by students via Snapchat the postings which included guerrilla emoji send messages of white power and the south will rise again let Selene's superintendents got great in to email a letter to parents in the district calling the polls deplorable grading said the incident offers the district and opportunity to quote stand for the respect and inclusion of all students there is no word on if the students involved have been disciplined we're bored there's been a reward offered for the arrest of a hit and run driver that left a mother of three for dad in southwest Detroit we get the story now from W. WJZY unduly Jamie errors and has been in a coal mine after she was struck by a car January tenth as she walked to work she tried to cross Dicks near spring wells the dark color mid size sedan and the driver are still at large her mother in law Cindy rough has been helping care for Jamie's three children they well tell me grandma is Miami okay today and I'm like yeah how do you explain to a three year old hello I just wonder about the way I know yeah your knowledge just.

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