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Cardinals. Wide receiver Larry FitzGerald will speak at the ceremony of north Phoenix Baptist church McCain's body will then be flown. To Washington where he will lie in state in the US. Capitol rotunda correspondent Nick want reminds us. The governor of Arizona faces a decision once McCain reaches his final resting place John. McCain will be buried, Sunday in Annapolis Maryland at the US naval academy cemetery and then next, week governor juicy says he may who is going to fill Senator. McCain's seat President Trump announcing on Twitter before anyone else got wind house counsel Don Mcgann will be leaving his position in the fall. Shortly after the confirmation of judge Brett. Kevin onto the United States Supreme, court I truly appreciate his service Mcgann was shepherding the cavenaugh nomination, on Mr. Trump's impulses to. Fire somebody anybody, related to, the Russia investigation according to reliable sources it was disclosed recently again sat for as much as thirty hours of questions for the special counsels team the, president's take on mcgann's decision. To leave Don Mcgann are really good guy been with me for. A long time privately before this represented me it's been here now it'll be almost two years a lot of. Affection for done Mcgann picked judges on a level below supreme. Court that could shape the judiciary for. Decades to come Bob Costantini Washington family members of an unarmed black teenager who was. Fatally shot in a, Dallas suburbs say jurors gave the white ex police officer who killed him, too lenient of a prison sentence former officer ROY Oliver has been. Sentenced to fifteen years in prison the Commerce Department says personal income increased three tenths of a percent in July matching estimates personal spending. Picked up a solid four Tenths of a percent last month I'm John, trout if you have hard water the limescale not only leaves white spots clogs pipes.

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