President Trump, Robbery, NBC discussed on The Ben Shapiro Show


Incredible now you'd think, well, that's bad stuff. You probably shouldn't call a confederate leader. Incredible. It is true. By the way, the robbery was a good general. I don't think great general, but he's good general. That doesn't mean that he was a good person or that he believed good things, but that was the headline for NBC news. The headline for NBC news is that Trump said the robbery was a great general and called the confederate leader. Incredible. Now, here is what president from actually said about robbery. Here's the clip of President Trump talking and one day it was looking really bad. And linkages said, you hardly knew his name and they said, don't take him. He's got a drinking problem. And Lincoln said, I don't care what problem as you guys are winning. And his name was grant general grid. And Lincoln said, I don't care enough hallock frankly, give me six or seven more just like, okay, so there's Trump actually talking about Brent when he was saying, is that Robert E Lee was a great general who's overcome by grant. He was not saying that robbery lose a wonderful wonderful person standing for wonderful thing. So NBC has to actually correct it. So Trump tweets, this out. He says, you guys, you got this wrong, he got this wrong. So here's President Trump's tweet. NBC news has totally purposely changed the put and meaning of my story about generally rabbit Aley and general. Ulysses grant was actually a shoutout to warrior grant and the great state in which he was born as usual diz, honest reporting, even mainstream media embarrassed. NBC had this weed a correction. They tweeted out a full correction correction in earlier tweet misidentified the general President Trump described as incredible at a rally in Ohio. It was general Ulysses s grant not general Robert Lee and attach video clip lacked the full context. Trump's remark here is the full clip. It took NBC news, two full days tr- attracted to full days. And that wasn't the only example of ridiculous media bias in the last forty eight hours. So CBS tweeted this out about President Trump on sixty minutes. Last night. President Trump was on sixty minutes. Here's what they tweeted. They tweeted President Trump on his treatment of Christine blazey Ford at rally, the accuser of just now Justice, Brad Kavanagh. It doesn't matter..

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