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Spoke media. Back when she was growing up in California, feeling isolated from the world beyond her living room windows. And even when she took that trip to Alabama Curiel worried that her queasiness would always keep her separate from her family story, but she's always been more comfortable being her true, self around her grandmother and towards the end of their conversation about pampa curious started to open up even more. To add onto. Hans about independence because I am trying an experiment actually in. In this relationship that I made in a way because I was raised. With this. You know, my mom has been mostly angle. You know, also embrace independent momentum. I was raised to feel independent as women to never had to rely certainly not on a man. And you marriage that was never been a value in our family. You know like this. Yeah, the institution of marriage all of that stuff like I married to get into this country. Right. Exactly. It wasn't like address the ring. You know, a lot of families have that. So I'm sort of have this weird obsession with that culture as a foreigner to wake you watch those wedding shows. Just learning about those kind of people..

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