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Auditees. Yeah I've got a little throat. Thing going and don't worry. It's not the cove it. Okay. But just to be safe while you're listening to this podcast, where mascots six feet away from your radio, or you're listening on a rainy well, people listen on the radio in in a in a vehicle. Pictured a boombox. Remarks like now probably not. No Hey. This was an exciting week for us this week. Mark a real milestone the box of oddities has been downloaded more than seven million times since its inception was doing her two and a half years ago. Something like that yeah, and also are coming a foreigner anniversary. Seven million downloads. Sir But we've only been married for five years. That's true. That's true. Big a deal where but we're still married. I'm still married to you. Yeah, I suppose that's a good point especially when I'm highlighting the downloads over the years we've been married. Happy Anniversary to you, thank you. What is it would? Need to give you some would. That's right for anniversary. We actually got a really nice gift from Rick and Steve, our friends from Maryland and They sent us a would anniversary gift a log. Yeah, I love. It grows mushrooms. Kind of you guys I'm allowed lady. See how I just zipped right past the you giving me would. Never acknowledged it again didn't even lift your head now once. So anyway. I go I. Oh and I'm GonNa, tell you about the incredibly morbid. Journey of the most famous severed head in history I. Love It. The severed head of Oliver Cromwell. So, here's the story. In sixteen forty nine King Charles I of England was arrested, put on trial and executed by a group of parliamentarians. They were called the round heads, which is a dumb name. Absolutely, it was led by Oliver Cromwell Charles. The second was exiled to the European mainland at the end of a long period of civil war and unrest in in England Charles the first execution in Cromwell's ascension to quote Lord Protector led a decade of non-royal rule in England, so ten years in England there was no king starting in sixteen, Forty nine Oliver Cromwell helped overthrow royalty, and then he just took over. Okay, pretty much was a king, but Didn't take all the trappings. Although he took all the property, he lived in all the the Nice building, and you know all those nice royal buildings that they have over there cromwell was born on April, twenty fifth in fifteen, ninety nine, he led the parliamentarian army in the English civil war once the army one he oversaw the conversion of England into a Republican. He abolished the monarchy and also the. The House of Lords after the execution of Charles the first okay well, let's seems a little sketchy like once you get into power doesn't mean that you just change the way our whole ship works. Okay, grumble became Lord protector and his rule started in December of sixteen, Fifty three, and that was very similar to Kingship, but he he turned down the offer to have been bestowed the title of King. Says it really just a label kind of thing I've got other other than not having the name King Right. He was pretty much acting as king unrestricted power. He lived in all the royal palace ass. He was formerly offered in sixteen, Fifty, seven, the title of King, but after quote, agony of mind and conscience. He turned it down. Throughout sixteen fifty eight Cromwell suffered from an illness, and the also had some family tragedy, and he died in the in the afternoon of September third sixteen, Fifty Eight, so he was an Agni a lot of ways. Yes, okay. His death in his funeral were treated pretty much the same way that when a king died, you know there was a lot of trappings and pomp and circumstance lots of big hats off big hats and slow moving brigades. The elaborate funeral was delayed two times by what they call hesitant preparations. They kept changing their mind on things. But when it did fresh clothes, mean. Meanwhile they're just freshly washed or are they brand new clothes? The funeral procession made its way through London on the twenty third of November sixteen, Fifty Eight. The body had already been buried at Westminster Abbey for two weeks at this point, because well. Rotting corpse. In those days they did not as we have mentioned many times. Before have refrigeration units in the fifteenth or sixteenth century shame, really in fact by the time that the funeral procession took place, he'd been dead for two months. So he was dead for two months, but they kept him above ground, just kind of propped up there for about six weeks until he just couldn't take it anymore. That sounds unpleasant Oliver Cromwell's corpse. Pretty much undisturbed at Westminster until the restoration of the Stuart Monarchy under Charles Son King Charles, the second in sixteen sixty, so King Charles the second, came back and kick some ass and took back the throne. At this point though Cromwell has already been dead for a while. But that wasn't enough of a punishment for. For King Charles the second. It didn't make him feel good enough so i. he rounded up the twelve remaining surviving members of the group that overthrew the royalty and he had them tried and executed. Okay, probably not so much time trying them as just. You know executing them, yeah. They were hanged, drawn and quartered. We've read about this That's they drag him through the streets on and on wheeled sledge. There hanged by the neck then they're cut down while they're still alive. disembowelled while they're still alive, they're beheaded and dismembered cut into four quarters. That's a rough way to go. So after all that was done, he said yeah, but what about Oliver Cromwell, so he went in had Cromwell's body removed Westminster Abbey. While they were doing that he he out the parts of the guys that he drawn in, he had drawn and quartered, and just kind of handed them out and pass them around to different provincial cities to put on display. Oh, sure, yeah, like put them on stakes at the entry way to the city like welcome to Birmingham. Shire This is the head of that guy. Don't fuck around. We would have settled for home of the world's largest ball of twine, but no now home of like some guys botox hanging from a bridge got the lower left quarter, so cromwell's body had been hidden in the wall of the middle, aisle of Henry the eighth. Lady's Chapel at Westminster on the twenty eighth of January sixteen, Sixty one. The body of Cromwell.

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