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We begin a quick look at what else is happening in. Today's news hong kong's pro democracy media. Figure jimmy lai has been jailed for fourteen months for taking part in an unauthorized assembly in our faces. A total of twenty months in jail the us will not rejoin the open skies treaty agreement which allows nations to send unarmed aerial flights over dozens of participating countries to us a military activity washington says attract. He has been undermined by russia's violations and the brazilian architect inada planet. Jaime lerner has died. He was eighty three. He helped train transport networks cities around the world by prioritizing people of 'cause say monocle twenty four throughout the day for more on these stories. But i the poster boys of populism get together today as hungary's prime minister viktor orban heads to ten downing street in london to pay a visit to his british counterpart. Boris johnson mr auburn is one of the few voices with the indie. You who approves of mister johnson but his reputation of draining. The country of its democratic freedoms goes before him. So how will he be received. Well quentin pillars associate fellow at chatham house europe program. And i'm going to say. He joins me monocle. Twenty four good morning. Welcome to the globalist clinton thank you. I'm a good morning. And so i mean. I described them as opposed to boys of populism but it it really is the case for these two men who are going to be enjoying the moment together in some wants more today yes. It's very strange one. I mean they're both troublemakers. Essentially they both enjoy stirring it up and one wonders walk. Boris johnson is expecting to get out of viktor. Orban is he looking for the troublemaking ally who stand by him if he has a confrontation with the eu over the border in northern ireland over the northern ireland protocol because he certainly not a big gain to be talking to somebody. Who's a natural diplomats. And that truly going to actually help is relationship. I think you can underestimate very gentle description of of of auburn not being natural diplomatically. Most people would describe him as a holy unsavory. Yes absolutely and indeed He's very much nationalist anti immigration. He's made anti muslim comments his anti semitic comments. He's forced the universe the central european university out of budapest which was founded by george soros. Who's jewish background. He's made very clear is what he doesn't like so this is not an easy man for boris johnson to embrace if he wants to be seen with global britain as a sort of leader of liberal democracy. Indeed i mean being friendly with viktor orban which i can imagine. He will be later on today in public. At least does this make him. Look like the champion of british values and independence and breaking away or does this make him look simply like the bullies mate You the trouble is the of course. The left will be very outspoken and critical of viktor. Orban coming it looked to be absolutely honest. I suspect most people in britain. He won't care very much. Hungary is a small and faraway country as far as they're concerned and i think that what it really reveals about. Boris johnson is the global britney's rather struggling to find relevant friends on the international stage. So he stands to gain the most out of this meeting. I'm sorry what he stands to gain the most out of this meeting. Well i think probably viktor orban will will gain a certain but neither side is actually giving to be wooing friends from this meeting then gang to be burnishing their reputation as being the outsiders. The difficult ones the troublemakers. And i think that's what they're looking for. I don't let's be clear. The hunger is about to take the championship of the vichy grad member states of the european union. That's to say. Poland and slovakia and the czech republic is well as hungary so he has a certain relevance he also shares with boris. Johnson's conservative party The fact that he has walked out of the largest political group in the european parliament the european people's party so they do have that in common. And i'm sure they'll find ways of trying to present this as a relevant to people but i i am baffled. Actually as to why it's happening unusual isn't it. I mean i. I wonder whether however there will be some discussion of brexit. No doubt the fact that after the departure of the united kingdom all eyes are now turning to hungary as the next country. That could leave as well. I suppose so. I mean he really throughout the brexit negotiations Boris johnson and his government were looking to hungary and also poland as potential allies in are getting a better deal than we. Otherwise might do the truth. Is that at the end of the day. Neither hungry nor poland stood up and and took britain's side in the negotiations. Because i think they both realize that at the end of the day are much better off inside the european union had it. They are not going to believing in the near future. Tell me a little bit more about the the the wide of relationships that viktor auburn and indeed. Boris johnson enjoys. I mean all band cease himself as an ally of russia's president vladimir putin. This is a very difficult stunts. For for boris johnson to accept. not least. because what's been happening in belarus in the last week or so the fact that a belarusian or the authorities ordered the the landing of orion airplane in order to Arrest dissident the european union has reacted by trying to by banning Aircraft flying over belarusian. Airspace that the united kingdom have done the same thing. Is there a possibility for apps that johnson can work to bring auburn away from putin or is that just. That's just a hopeless thought. I think that's a step too far at the moment. But having said that viktor orban has found himself really run the more isolated from his colleagues that he was already. Let's to say he's been hoping to put together a source of a right wing group. That would have been quite a lot in common in their resistance to brussels interference in Political domination of the judiciary or the media in their countries and in particular. He's been looking to have a brother. Good close alliance with the polish government. Now that seems to have gone up the spout precisely because of his attitude towards vladimir putin and russia and the polls are very suspicious of the russians and on on this question of sanctions against belarus. He's rolled over and gone along with them whereas not so long ago he was actually trying to get the sanctions against belarus lifted. So i think he's rather more isolated than he was precisely because his attitude towards russia and indeed his desire to have closer relations with china. Ah both regarded by the other member states of the european union as a step too far speaking of of the way that the of image and reputation it. It's a strange time. Now when we see the likes of. Boris johnson and viktor orban together in public. If we if we cost on minds back two years when boris johnson was just about to take the reins at number ten and viktor orban was in power but also donald trump was a strong populist. Figure it seemed that the populous movement as sort of feeling of sogari was rather was writing high wanted say how times changed given the departure of donald trump. It seems to be a different world. I mean it is such a relief not to have that tirade of tweets coming out of donald trump. some some had dominating the news every day and that Joe biden really is going back to a much more familiar america and so therefore those who were looking to You have much closer relations with with a populist nationalism. I mean let's not forget that actually viktor orban described. Those trump and johnson is the most courageous the most dynamic in the most ready to affect change of all world leaders. Well donald trump is at least for the time being completely out of the out of the scene. And i suspect victoria boundaries..

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