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Way as first responders continue to battle deadly wildfires the seven days state of emergency has been issued in New South Wales the country's most populous state NPR's Jason Beaubien reports weather conditions are expected to worsen this weekend along the state's south coast this is just the beginning of the summer season here right now they're predicting that in the coming days temperatures are gonna get up around a hundred and fifteen highs of a hundred and fifteen winds around sixty miles an hour potentially and you've already got these dozens of fires that are burning and the concern is that things are to get much worse before they get better NPR's Jason Beaubien reporting from Sydney listening to NPR news from Washington from KQED news I'm Danielle mention as we heard house speaker Nancy Pelosi is calling on the trump administration to immediately brief Congress on the assassination of Iran's top general in a statement the San Francisco Democrat says the air strike was conducted without congressional authorization and quote risks provoking provoking further it dangerous escalation of violence East Bay congresswoman Barbara Lee released a statement saying the air strike dangerously increases tensions in the region and quote brings us close to the brink of war the Pentagon says the US military killed general Qassem Soleimani at the direction of president trump to prevent violence against Americans in the region newly released to data finds that San Francisco has the largest racial disparity in traffic stops of any compatible state agency with black people stop five times more often than their population would explain key committees Kate wolf has more from the state wide report released Thursday the report issued by the state's racial and identity profiling advisory board isn't early attempts to track racial profiling by law enforcement the board found that across California a higher percentage of black individuals were stopped for what's called reasonable suspicion than any other racial identity group and officers were nearly three times as likely to search black drivers as white ones despite white suspects being more likely to yield contraband or other evidence the board plans to eventually require law enforcement agencies statewide to report the data right now it's only the eight largest agencies in California I'm Kate wolf KQED news and I'm Daniel Benton KQED news support for NPR comes from the Walton family foundation working to solve social and environmental problems to improve lives today in minutes benefit future generations more information at Walton family foundation dot org and by the listeners of KQED partly sunny today with temperatures in the upper fifties and lower sixties sixty three expected later on in Livermore San Carlos should see a high of sixty one in Sacramento later sixty degrees here in San Francisco fifty nine currently here in the city it's fifty five degrees this is science Friday I'm IRA Flatow and as is our custom meets our annual bird watching segment where we team up with on a bond's annual Christmas bird count we're devoting ease of the avian kind bundle up with binoculars in hand to count up all the noisy nuthatches the diving ducks and maybe one of these everybody's favorite event of that but look really that's just a preview because later in the hour we're gonna play name that bird quiz we're going to play a call and we want you to make the call and call in with your gas for the bird that made that sound the first are going to talk about what birds you've seen this winter did you participate in a bird count or maybe you're taking account from your kitchen window some listeners checked in on the science Friday vox pop back to tell us what they've seen my bird feeder.

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