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So anyway congratulations to find A. Here's here's another ten years to another ten indeed on invest ninety seconds on the clock. You WanNa talk about Bruce Allen can you do it yeah well just as as we celebrate a great ten years right here was divine on your bell. We close the chapter on an awful ten years as the Washington redskins. Ordination gave me the best birthday present. I could have is my birthday yesterday as people who may I thank you guys thank you very much. They gave me an amazing present. which is Hashtag? Fire Bruce. Allin it worked Bruce Allen no longer a part of the Washington redskins organization they announced earlier today and as I said on social media this is not about celebrating. Somebody getting fired. You never want somebody to get fired but the NFL as much as any industry in the world world is a results oriented industry and the results. Haven't been there Bruce Allen who has been in charge of all football operations for the redskins for over a decade eight and over that decade. They've one of the worst one win loss records in the NFL. They have become honestly a laughing stock of not only the NFL but a professional. Oh sports they are twenty nine. And Win percentage during Bruce Allen's era and so Mr Snider and the Redskins Organization did commonly what. I can't believe what should have been done a long time ago. But they listened to the fans they they looked internally. This and you know what we need to make a change so I am very excited. I announced on. I wrote a column earlier this year. A love hate mccollum earlier this year on ESPN DOT COM. Where I said I'm out I'm done? I'm sick of being a redskins fan until they get rid of Bruce Allen I'm done I can't root for this organization anymore Bruce Allen has gone and so I am back. I'm officially back as a Redskins Fan. If you're not watching this live I am wearing my Terry maclaurin Jersey number. Seventeen warm ormc Lawrence Gordon maclaurin. Listen who is my pick for fantasy rookie of the year. Unbelievable what he accomplished this year. And so just representing. I'm back in. I I'm cautiously optimistic. That That the REDSKINS will Will hire somebody terrific that can lead the franchise in the right direction. Listen nowhere to go but up. But I'm back in Hell Redskins hail victory very excited Hashtag. Fire Bruce Allin actually worked. Did you know this last thing. I'll say here feeling when we we want our former colleague Darren Hayes. WHO's now down in Washington? DC sports director down there and so he. He posted this on twitter the Hash tag fire. Hire Bruce Allin was used over fifty five thousand times in the past calendar year. Thirty one percent of those uses came in the last last month. So I'm not saying it's the only reason but I will say that I do think I do think it became a movement that a lot of people got behind and so anyway we never get on your side. You know what. Here's how you get knocked on my bad side. Don't become in charge of franchise for a decade and lead us to the dumpster. I'm in the clear that you understand. Like when he took over there was a there was a list a waiting list of season tickets like years upon years long and now you can get into a game for five bucks. I mean like it. It's not only cheaper. If you use our seek Promo Code F F F. They secrets. Let's give you. I mean honestly like he ran incur cousins out of the building at Trent Williams. Didn't play this year and it just anyway. These are good times in Washington. DC WE celebrate. We celebrate the future of the Redskins. Suture we celebrate the future of define ability as pan. Who will be here for many many more years and we celebrate you field yates? I'm not sure just because.

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