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Basketball is very good casey would make the finals in the east then summons doesn't need a jumper terry rozier is more than kyri fall is very welcome to completely unbiased nba rigor mba show group chat i'm a little disappointed i'm just passionate about this more of a funeral sort of celebration postgame chris riot my psychologist is justin various halio shaughnessy is here kevin o'connor because here the blog boys the bitcoin boys are in the back they hi everybody key pads daddy's here nocco sixers are about to lose to the boston celtics eight yeah in game two of these torn conference semifinals no faith reggie miller is not coming into everything six or celtics we're gonna get into everything cavsraptors we're gonna talk a little bit about some of the other series still going on bullets talk about what everybody's going to be talking about starting basically right now is where the held a ben simmons go kevin boston's defense so you think it's a matter of getting walnut yeah i think i think it's a number of factors it's like we've talked about this the whole season i've written about it before we're like he can't shoot right now so there's a limitation in the half court but boston's ability to throw different guys at him on the floor whether it was al horford or whether it's marcus smart they really just limited vincent's from getting into the paint which is the only place against gore right now right and it's like win that's not if he's not getting into the p and then distributing its foreign five on offense they won't shoot he's not willing to shoot he's not willing to take a shot he won't miss two four the entire game he missed all of them.

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