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What what are you doing oh i think richard our pick the wrong saying today to know just want to say that we've been talking in reading here that we'd have a weight of country music show here on saturday afternoon maybe the tober race or the next world six hundred and he can put on a large show and these people out of state and everything that has something to do i think we feel stands that night what do you think what we're talking about what richest trying to say in was i do this really i want like on a saturday night let's say before the six hundred or let's say disarm before the when you talk in october that we have a country music show with male tilas the earls grudge review than integrated dirk van about six or seven great big acts come in and do a great big show stare night before sunday show i think it'd be fantastic i can't wait to until you know octo ber our next year they'll tell me i i have a question about that i've never understood why someone in the country music world censor is such a real relationship with what happens here in these eighty five thousand folks join tremendous race today and folks go to grand old opry why several nashville hasn't done with stockcar racing which is the new american cowboy is no question about it these guys pack up and all these race cars all over the country they're gonna hit in delaware next week texas a week after and they're gonna be headed out the riverside california back to florida quite a bunch of guys and if you do good sleep in a motel you do badge asleep onto the truck right why hasn't someone among the composers and so forth done with this ford and with a celebrity country music star what they have done in the truck driving business with dave dudley's recording would seem to be an absolute natural that there'd be a poet maury and for the people who racially stock cars they're deserving of it and they're multitudes would certainly support it you tell you about a song well not only saw with that whole image that they gave with with a truck driving things and to me that the stock thing is even even more true well i see daily has six days on the road a lot folks get me dave mc.

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