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The I heart radio but it is different billable Sunday yeah you you you hear tutti frutti here or do all the other little Richard heads that one girl can have it as gotten no love this weekend will Richard dying on Friday and that movie that song for me Jayne Mansfield movie otherwise thoroughly forgettable branches in here until ten PM also live streaming on the the you to go to and sheep yourself dot com and you'll be redirected to the the you tube video I just tweeted that out okay so the ruling is the the rule that that I have with birthday boy every scar is no spoilers because I'm I'm watching the Jordan documentary with the sound down but I'm still seeing you know what what the subjects are and then all of a sudden around six thirty tonight I see Jeremy Piven trending on the Twitter machine and he's a he's a but you know you know when when you saw him he was in entourage he's in he's he's he's the wing man in every movie he's the major healing of the nineties and the two thousand he said he's been the lead I think N. one Netflix show Selfridges but you know when when you see him he's best known for getting work somehow so our golden iconic character and I just you know I I watch ten minutes of entourage I'm a big entourage I just I may maybe it's because I live here I just don't get what you know I'm and so the deal is there's the show right there's the content of the show but I won't spoil any of that for you but you know they have those rejoins those like trivia yeah yeah is that part of the show in your world no okay no we can we can talk about that well for some reason they people like eat you have a ten part series about Michael Jordan and before you ever get lebron James face time in the documentary Jeremy Piven yes the telecom Brady jokes so this is why.

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